Arc’teryx Accelero Pullover Jacket Review


Lightweight, breathable, packable, waterproof… the ideal target when designing outerwear. With all the varieties of outerwear on the market, is there a really enough of a market for niche pieces that do all of the above, but in different proportions? I submit that there definitely is a market and as product designers get better and better, we will continue to see more niche pieces to serve specific purposes.

As an example, Arc’teryx is definitely one of the premiere manufacturers of core outerwear, clothing, backpacks and accessories for demanding outdoors enthusiasts. They have a strong reputation in the industry for building bomber-quality gear to meet specific needs. I’d say Arc’teryx is what other top manufacturers used to be–100% committed to the core athlete who demands a lot from their gear. As a result, Arc’teryx products are consistently high-rated and sought after by those who beat the tar out of their gear.

Arc’Teryx Accelero Pullover Jacket Review

About the Arc’teryx Accelero Pullover Jacket

Though clearly I don’t know where to draw the line between jacket and shirt, the folks at Arc’teryx have skillfully blurred that line with the Accelero pullover. Simple and lightweight, the Accelero is best worn as an outer layer when it’s chilly outside.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Dry Web Fabric: Breathable stretch polyester double-weave with bamboo charcoal next to the skin
  • Laminated side pocket with headphone port
  • Non-locking 3/4 length zipper
  • Reflective logo and piping
  • Stretch-woven cuffs
  • MSRP: $98.95
  • learn more

Arc’teryx Accelero Pullover Jacket Review

Though Arc’teryx has a strong following in the mountaineering and climbing crowd, they have lots of great pieces that span multiple core outdoor activities. The Accelero pullover is a great example of a piece that can be used for many activities. As outerwear, it’s perfectly-suited for a brisk morning run or an early-season mountain bike ride. As a middle layer, it’s also well-suited as lightweight insulation.

The material found on the Accelero is soft and lightweight. It doesn’t have that swish swish feeling you get with most synthetic outerwear (think of those parachute pants you wore in elementary school). That’s because it is a fine mix of woven polyester and bamboo (Dry Web fabric), which makes the fabric soft, stretchy, wind-resistant and water resistant as well.

The size Large I received fit me well, but I think I could have gone with a medium. That said, this is an athletic cut (thankfully)… which means that it was designed to fit the body snug or loose where it should be. Because of that, it was still form-fitting and not at all bulky.

I wore the Accelero on a handful of trail runs and on bike rides. I love how lightweight the fabric is and how comfortable it is overall. It does a fair job at blocking the wind, but isn’t completely windproof. Because of that, it breathes extremely well and does a great job at taking the edge off a cold wind to keep your core warm and dry. The non-locking 3/4-length zipper is great as well. You can pull it open very easily to increase ventilation, but be careful when taking this thing off because the zipper can catch your nose (maybe my nose is larger than average?).

Arc’Teryx Accelero Pullover Jacket Review

On bike rides, I stuffed the jacket away in my hydration pack just in case. At only 241 grams, the Accelero is light and packable. I just shoved it to the bottom of my hydration pack and never noticed it. Aside from the asymmetrical, non-bulky sleeve cuff design, the only other detail worth mentioning is the welded side pocket–perfect for stashing away a key or an iPod Nano. I tried to stuff my iPod Touch in there to no avail, but it’s perfect for my Nano.

Good Accelero

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Soft, woven poly and bamboo fabric is super comfortable
  • Breathes extremely well
  • Athletic fit
  • An awesome mid our outer layer

Bad Accelero

  • Side pocket could be a titch larger
  • Be carefully when pulling it off… the zipper can catch you right in the nose

Bottom Line on the Arc’teryx Accelero Pullover

I love having a variety of jackets and shirts to wear depending on the weather. As an early-morning activity kind of guy, I dig the comfort and breathability of the Accelero. It takes the edge off harsh winds and keeps me from feeling clammy. This is a great choice for springtime riding or running.

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