The weather has been been hit-and-miss so far this Spring. Yesterday marked the end of the longest stormcycles of the season, so the focus has been on the snow, not trails. However, with the warming just prior to this last set of storms, the low-angle trails are thawing quickly and staying relatively dry.

Actually, with the mixed weather, it has given me a great opportunity to test the Asolo Prolix XCR trail running shoes.  As the name suggests, they Prolix features a Gore-tex XCR liner to provide all-weather protection for wet or snowy climates. Lets see how these performed.

Asolo Prolix XCR Trail Running Shoes Review

About the Asolo Prolix XCR Trail Runners

Built for wet weather, the Prolix XCR shoes are built on Asolo’s Propulsion outsole and midsole design. The components of the Propulsion system work together to ensure stability, cushioning, support, traction and protection. The uppers feature a Gore-tex liner for waterproof performance and supportive cross straps to keep your foot in proper position.

Prolix XCR Highlights:

  • Uppers: Synthetic Nabuk, Gore-tex XCR liner
  • Lowers/Midsole: Propulsion system
  • Weight: 440 grams (15.5 oz)
  • Colors: Cocoon/Raid Green, Grey/Black/Yellow, or Dark Grey/Silver/Red
  • MSRP: $124.00

Asolo Prolix XCR Trail Running Shoes Review - Jason Mitchell in Corner Canyon, Utah

Asolo Prolix XCR Review

This was my first time wearing Asolo trail running shoes. Looking them over, the design looked good and felt good on my feet. Sizing was a bit large, so keep that in mind if you are ordering them before trying them on (I’m told this is due to the addition of the Gore-tex liner).  I think I could have worn the 9.5’s instead of my usual 10’s, but I wasn’t swimming in them.

The weather has been perfect for testing the Prolix trail runners. I got in a variety of runs in dry, wet and snowy weather just to test their performance. As suspected, the Gore-tex liner provided excellent protection from the elements in all conditions.  I was not shy about splashing in puddles or running through untracked snow and not once did I get a drop of water inside the shoes.

The tread pattern is varied but all rounded/oval designs. As such, I was a little concerned with wet or snowy trail performance. As it turned out, traction was solid both up and down in everything but slushy snow. Since these are Gore-tex shoes and will be worn during winter or wet-weather training, I’d suggest at least a smattering of square-edged treads just for good measure.

The Prolix XCR has an excellent trail feel. Some trail shoes have so much forefoot protection that you become numb to the nuances of the trail–not so with these. I felt like the balance of cushioning, protection and stability was spot on. For a flat-footer like me, however, they could use just a smidge more instep support.

Cushioning was superb on both trail and pavement. I wore them with both arch support inserts and Sole insoles and I felt they were supportive and cushioning where needed. I think the excess toebox volume may be due to being a half-size too large–it was roomy enough for even the widest feet.

The Gore-tex liners make for loud walking as they crinkle with every step.  It initially sounds like you’ve got a plastic shopping bag surrounding your feet, but toned down a bit over time. Once on the trail, I did appreciate the wind and water protection of the liner during cold and snowy runs. My other unlined trail shoe options would have left me with frozen toes–not these.

In warm weather, the Gore-tex liners are a bit overkill because they don’t breathe as well as unlined shoes, but in 35-degree runs, I really enjoyed the extra warmth. My feet get hot fast, so for me, these shoes are cold-weather only. If you live in the Northwest or like winter training no matter the weather, you’ll likely appreciate the Gore-tex liner even more than I do.

Asolo Prolix XCR Trail Running Shoes Review - Jason Mitchell on Bonneville Shoreline Trail in Draper, Utah

Good Prolix

  • Excellent trail feel with just enough protection
  • Gore-tex liners keep your feet dry
  • Warmth on cold days
  • Very stable on trail
  • Capable on/off road

Bad Prolix

  • Not recommended for warm weather
  • Flat-footers (like me) may want a tad more support
  • May require downsizing 1/2 size
  • Snow traction could be improved

The Bottom Line: Asolo Prolix XCR

Though Gore-tex may not be necessary for where you live, everyone could benefit from some wind and weather protection. The Prolix XCR shoes are great training shoes with ample cushioning and a good overall trail feel.

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