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Not only is one of the top online gear retailers, they are also coming on the scene in a big way with their own house-brand gear. Since these guys have schlepped high-end outerwear and gear for years, they know a thing or two about the little things that make a great jacket.

This season represents the best collection of Goat gear to date with stellar merino wool base layers, funky T’s, beanies and softshell jackets. There’s no doubt their clothing line is for real and their pricepoints are extremely competitive for what you’re getting. Backed by their 100% no-nonsense guarantee, you can be sure your Goat gear will last a lifetime. Wool Hooded Jacket Review

About the Wool Hooded Jacket

Built from a wool-blend exterior with a bonded fleece lining to keep the itch at bay, this jacket is built as a crossover piece that can take you from a comfortable day in the mountains to a night on the town. With an athletic fit and thick exterior, this jacket is built for warmth. Little extras like wrist cuffs, zippered handwarmer pockets, drawstring hem and rough-edged hoodie round out this jacket.

Here are a few highlights of the Wool Hooded Jacket:

  • Material Contents: 28% Cotton, 27% Polyester, 25% Wool, 8% Nylon, 8% Acrylic and 4% Mystery Fibers
  • Pockets: 2 Handwarmer, 1 Chest and 2 Interior
  • Fit: Athletic, cut fit
  • Element Protection: Water and Wind Resistant
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Price: On Sale Now for $134 ($178 MSRP) Wool Hooded Jacket Review Wool Hooded Jacket Review

I got this jacket right in the middle of a string of several weeks worth of pounding snow and wind and put it right to the test. The streets of Salt Lake City in late January were windy and cold… this jacket is thick and the fabric is tightly-woven to provide an excellent wind barrier. I felt only a slight amount of wind penetrating this jacket–even in some stout 30mph winds.

About the overall styling, fit and function… It’s not really something I’d wear backcountry skiing, hiking, etc., it’s more of a stylish piece that I would wear on the town or to the office. Even though I wouldn’t select this jacket for a backcountry tour or a day at Snowbird, it still has some great outdoor flare to it. The fit is athletic with a form-fitting body and sleeves.

Just a couple of negatives. Forget wearing this with a long-sleeve shirt underneath. The form-fitting, fleece-lined sleeves will pull your shirt up to your armpits. A buttoned sleeve cuff will reduce this, but you still have to hold your shirt sleeve in place if you don’t want it pulled up to your pits. And, the hood is a nice feature, but I’d prefer to have an actual collar on this jacket.

The Bottom Line on the Wool Hooded Jacket

If you are looking for a great casual jacket that has enough outdoor flare to it to keep things real, this is a great option. I love the fabric mixture and the wind-resistance is stellar. The subtle Goat logo is well-placed and adds to the look. Though it’s not my first choice in the backcountry, it’s a great one to grab for a night on the town.

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  1. Your timing is interesting. These were on SAC yesterday for $79 so I grabbed one to try out. Sounds like it should be good, I’m interested in the fit…thought I might be able to use it like a fleece underlayer but sounds like it might be to heavy for a shell to go over huh?

  2. Yeah, I was a day late for the review. I saw the inventory was like 600-something earlier this week, so I had a sense they would go up on SAC shortly. I was right. $79 is a great deal on this jacket.

    You could still use it as a fleece underlayer, but the hood and the thickness of the jacket might make it be not so comfortable for that purpose.

    I think it’s just best as an outerlayer… maybe a vest on top if needed. Let me know your thoughts once it arrives.

  3. The fit of the large worked for me. I was optomistic based on your review and its a nice coat. I really like the wool and its a good weight for wearing alone. I agree its not best as a base layer but could be used as such in a pinch. I’ve been using it in cool temps around town, commuting by bike, and such. It breaks the wind pretty well and is nice when it cool and damp/drizzle here on the coast. Not going to work in rain obviously. Sleeves don’t bother me as much as you, and I appreciate the extra wind blocking seal they give you. Solid coat, especially at SAC price.

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