I’ll forgo with the Gargoyles 80’s jokes this time because the all-new Striker sunglasses have me seriously coming around. They look solid and have performed well in a variety of conditions, so lets cut to the chase.

Gargoyles Striker Sunglasses Features:

  • Lightweight flexible Nylon frame material
  • Pin Stop Hinge
  • 8 Base EVS Lenses
  • Shatter-resistant ballistic defense lenses
  • Soft rubber temple tip inserts
  • Polarized styles available
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Colors: Black Frame/Green, Black Frame/Smoke Polarized or Red Frame/Smoke (tested)
  • MSRP: $79 (standard lenses) / $114 (polarized)

Gargoyles Striker Sunglasses Review

Because everyone’s face and head shape is different, testing sunglasses can often times present interesting challenges. While some sunglasses offer adjustable nose pieces or flexible arms to accommodate a wider variety of faces, others go for the middle-of-the-road path to fit more faces without any of those features. The result is something like the new Gargoyles Striker sunglasses, which fits well and stays put in a variety of activities across a variety of faces.

The Striker’s I received feature red frames and a smoke lens. While this lens is much lighter and better for outdoor activity than the dark green signature Gargoyles lenses, I wished for a little lighter tint for mixed sun/shade that’s often encountered on mountain bike rides or trail runs. As it was, I didn’t feel the tint was detrimental, but they could be even more versatile with a lighter tint.

Heading out for a run, the visor or hat interface with any given pair of sunglasses can sometimes be a challenge. The straight arms didn’t interfere with the fit of any headwear I typically use while running. On the bike, my Giro Xen helmet can really interfere with the fit of many sunglasses, but the Striker’s slipped on without issue and stayed put throughout my rides.

I did the design of the Striker’s and felt them to have just the right coverage for wind, sun and trail protection. And, they stayed put under all conditions.

Good Striker

  • Great, low-key styling
  • Grippy rubber keeps things in place
  • Lightweight feel
  • Has a good quality feel
  • Work well for trail running and road/MTB cycling

Bad Striker

  • Very subtle distortion when putting them on, which goes away immediately once your eyes adjust
  • Adjustable nose pieces would be nice
  • A little brighter lens option would make them more flexible

Bottom Line: Gargoyles Striker Sunglasses

By far the best option I’m seeing from Gargoyles in the sports performance category, the Striker’s have been comfortable for trail running, road running and mountain biking. They offer an excellent field of vision and are a solid value for the money.

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