The weather has definitely turned into what I’ll call “mandatory puffy with a slight chance of softshell” due to the extended cold snap here along the Wasatch. Nighttime lows are in the 5-degree range here at 5200 ft. and obviously lower in the hills. During mid-day, we’ve been lucky to make it to 20-degrees.

As this “puffy weather” has continued, I’ve been glad to hve the GoLite Cady 2477 jacket at my disposal. It is a synthetic-fill insulated jacket to maintain warmth when wet and lends itself more to being used for cold-weather activities. While many of these types of jackets are great for warmth during sedentary times, the Cady 2477 is built for action, so that’s what I dished out to it.

Features of the GoLite Cady 2477:

  • Multi-directional front zipper
  • Mesh stuff pocket for self-stowing
  • Media pocket with cord routing
  • Zippered, fleece-lined side pockets
  • Fleece-lined collar
  • Pit zips for venting
  • GoLite® stuff sack
  • Made with recycled content
  • Colors: Field Green (tested), Red Rock, Grease, Black
  • MSRP: $150

GoLite Cady 2477 Jacket Review

GoLite Cady 2477 Jacket Review

So, what’s really different about the GoLite Cady 2477 jacket? First off, it’s built for actual use in the field. It’s cut a little longer than most of the competitors to maintain coverage and avoid the dreaded hindside gap (which can be much worse than an annoying gap if you fall backwards in the snow). With that extra length, the jacket maintains coverage even during extreme activity.

Add on top of that pit zips (another unique feature of this type of jacket) to dump extra heat in a hurry and you’ve got a much more versatile synthetic puffy jacket than is typical in the market at this price.

I really decided to push the limits of this jacket by using it for Winter trail running. Conditions have been cold, so I’ve been out now several times with this jacket in 15-20 degree weather. The trails have been mostly snow-covered with a moderate wind. When engaging in an aerobic activity, such as trail running or backcountry skiing, you typically start out intentionally colder than is comfortable. The reason being is that within 5-8 minutes, your blood is pumping and you are producing enough heat to be warm. I didn’t follow that advice and instead started out comfortable as can be in the Cady to see how it would perform.

As I heated up, I took advantage of the pit zips to provide ventilation and successfully avoid overheating. While I pushed the limits of function, I was sweating quite profusely (hey, that’s what you do when running), and the back of the jacket seemed to breathe very well. The only part of the jacket that didn’t breathe as well were the sleeves–ending up a bit more damp than the back of the jacket.

I know that most jackets have multi-directional zippers, but I really don’t see much value–especially when I found myself fiddling with getting the lower zipper correctly placed before being able to zip up the jacket. I suppose access to a heart rate monitor or an interior pocket may be easier from the bottom than from the top, but that’s about all I can think of.

Good Cady 2477

  • Extra length provides more coverage during activities
  • Pit zips are welcome and rare in this type of jacket
  • Lightweight feel
  • Fleece-lined collar is soft, warm and is the perfect height and diameter
  • Lined pockets offer extra warmth
  • Kudos for recycled poly exterior, interior and 50% recycled insulation materials

Bad Cady 2477

  • Fit is a bit bulky… would prefer more athletic cut
  • Dual-direction front zipper must be seated properly for unzipping and initial zip-up

Bottom Line: GoLite Cady 2477 Jacket

Cut with a bit extra length for full-coverage and built for adventure with pit zips and a comfortable collar, the GoLite Cady 2477 jacket is a unique player in the world of synthetic puffys.

Buy Now: Find Puffy Jackets at (GoLite is out of business)

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