While some shirts may be running or biking-specific, I’d say the GoLite Wildwood Trail Run Top is actually quite adept at either. The Wildwood Trail Run Top is lightweight and breathable but just how well does it perform for trail running and mountain biking? After several months of use, lets get down to it.

GoLite Wildwood Trail Run Shirt Features:

  • Fast-wicking Minerale™ panels
  • Secure pocket
  • Reflective logos
  • Colors: chili pepper/black (tested), moss green/granite, gulf blue/white, white, black
  • Weight: 3 oz.
  • MSRP: $45

GoLite Wildwood Trail Run Top Review

With several similar tops in my repertoire, the Wildwood fit right in. What makes this shirt different is that the fabric isn’t obviously porous. The fabric is slick and soft to the touch and feels comfortable next to the skin.

I decided on the size large so it wouldn’t be too tight, but I could have opted for the medium. As it was, the large was better-suited for all-around activity: running, trail running and mountain biking. While the weather hasn’t gotten too warm around here just yet, the Wildwood does seem to breathe well. I think a slightly more porous material would breathe a titch better, but it’s still very breathable.

The only really annoying thing is the location of the tags. They are on the left side of the shirt just high enough to scratch ymyour bare skin above the waistline of my shorts. I’m ready to take the scissors to them at this point.

Good Wildwood

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Versatile enough for running or mountain biking (or any outdoor activity, really)
  • Good pricepoint

Bad Wildwood

  • Go 100% tagless… please! These tags are highly annoying
  • Chest logo could be a little more subtle

Bottom Line: GoLite Wildwood Trail Run Top

The Wildwood is an economical, lightweight and comfortable active outdoorsy top for warm weather conditions. It has worn well and performs admirably under pressure.

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  1. im interested in buying one of these, but i have some questions about it:
    does this shirt stretch? also, how long are the sleeves on the large, and do they ride up? and is the pocket secured with a zip of a flap?

    • Ed… here goes. First off, thanks for the question. Lets see if we can get to the bottom of it.

      Does it stretch? YES! The fabric is very stretchy and moves with you.
      Pocket? The pocket is a simple flap-over concealed pocket that’s accessible from the interior of the shirt. It’s located on the lower-right hip.
      Sleeves? The sleeves measure about 8.5″ from the top of the shoulder and I never noticed them riding up.

      Hope that helps!

  2. thanks for the help, and quick response!
    i have one last question about the durability, do you know if they hold up well over time and intensive use, including with a pack, or does the fabric start to pill?

  3. Hey Ed… I haven’t seen a single pill on this shirt yet, but I also haven’t used it under heavy backpacking load for long periods of time. With a hydration pack, it has been fine. I also have tons of shirts that I’ve gone through testing and haven’t put a full season of use with this one. Hope that helps a bit. I like it. My all-time favorite athletic shirt is the Arc’teryx Velox Comp, but it will set you back a bit more money:


    Both are great shirts, but I dig the Arc’teryx a bit more.

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