Here’s the problem:  head-mounted lamps don’t illuminate the contour and irregularities of the trail as well as waist-level lamps.  But flashlights can be bouncy, and limit the availability of your hands for digging into pockets or wiping sweat off your face.  So what’s the solution?  Ask GoMotion.

GoMotion Sport Runner Features

  • 1W Luxeon LED bulb
  • 3 intensity levels: 44 lumens (high), 22 lumens (medium), 10 lumens (low)
  • Burn time (high setting): 7.5 hrs
  • Flood to spotlight beam control
  • Adjustable beam angle
  • Two flashing LED taillights
  • Batteries: 3 AA (included)
  • Low battery signal
  • Zip pocket storage
  • Weight with batteries: 12.400z (351g)
  • MSRP $64.95

GoMotion Sport Runner Litebelt Review

GoMotion is the classic “think outside the box” company when it comes to lighting equipment: all of their products are designed to go anywhere BUT your head or your hands.

The Sport Runner Litebelt is a combination waist pack and lighting system that places a waist-level 1W Luxeon bulb in front for visibility, and two blinking red LEDs in back for safety.  The breathable mesh pack also provides two storage pockets with plenty of room for energy gars, cameras, or smart phones.   An adjustable strap allows for customized bulb placement (slightly off center if desired) and a secure waist.   The belt does a nice job of holding a steady beam with minimal bounce while running.

Two blinking red LEDs in back for safety

Lighting systems should mainly be judged by effectiveness of the bulb and overall weight/comfort.  From a bulb standpoint, the Sport Runner’s strength is its range of motion, as it tilts up and down through a noticeably wider rotation than head-mounted lamps.   Shifting from flood to spot mode is quite easy by turning the dial on top of the lamp casing.   However, at a maximum of 44 lumens, brightness of the Luxeon bulb is fairly low in comparison to many compact headlamps on the market.  On a strict “amount of lumens per ounce of weight” scale, the Sport Runner doesn’t compare favorably.

1W Luxeon bulb with rotating beam adjustment

One oddity about the beam that’s not a factor with headlamps or flashlights is that your hands often cross into the path of the beam as they’re swinging forward and back with your stride.   This is especially noticeable when the beam is on the flood setting, and can be slightly unnerving until you get accustomed to it.

44 lumens mounted at waist level

From a comfort standpoint, the pack stays secure on the waist just fine, but the overall pack is fairly heavy at 12.4oz.    The three AA batteries contribute increased heft, and the pack itself seems heavier than something of comparable size like a hydration waist pack (without the water bottle).  It would be nice if the light mechanism could be removed from the pack to shed some weight – which would essentially result in GoMotion’s Waist Light Kit – but on this model, the pack goes with you whether you want it or not.

Good Sport Runner

  • Good stability of beam at waist level
  • Great vertical range of motion with bulb
  • Rear LEDs provide safety on roads

Bad Sport Runner

  • Lower brightness than expected with three AA batteries
  • Generally heavy ride
  • Unable to separate pack from lighting mechanism

Bottom Line: GoMotion Sport Runner Litebelt

If you have difficulty seeing the trail with a headlamp, the GoMotion Sport Runner Litebelt does a fine job of holding a steady waist-level beam and lighting the way.  If you’re looking to travel as lightweight as possible, keep trying to get used to that headlamp.

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