This year was the year of the visor for me. With all the training I was doing, I pretty much wore my Headsweats Supervisor on every run all season long. While you may not often think much about your visor, the Supervisor may make you think about it just a bit more.

Headsweats Supervisor Visor Features:

  • Classic, straight fit
  • COOLMAX® fabric wicks away moisture for optimum comfort and performance
  • Super-soft COOLMAX® terry sweatband creates maximum air flow and moisture transfer
  • Black undervisor reduces glare (mine is white)
  • Elastic back provides custom fit without any adjustments
  • Machine washable
  • MSRP: $20

Headsweats Supervisor Review

It’s a visor, right? On the surface, you might say that, but this one is different. It’s one part visor and one part sweatband. As opposed to a Velcro closure, it utilizes a stretchy elastic band for a comfortable and stretchy fit.

While most visors use Velcro to keep things in place, the stretchy Supervisor quickly adjusts to your noggin without putting undue pressure anywhere on your head. I’ve found the Supervisor to do an excellent job at keeping sweat from dripping down my face while maintaining comfort on even the longest of runs.

One challenge that comes into play with some visors is the critical sunglasses/visor interface. Since the Headsweats Supervisor uses a stretchy elastic band, you can slip the temples under or over the band — depending on the sunglasses you use. I did both options successfully with various pairs of glasses.

Cleaning things up is easy as well. Just a little bit of suds and a quick hand wash gets things back in business in a jiffy. Hang it out and it dries quickly and is again ready for action.

The only negative I’ve noticed with the Supervisor is that the elastic band does tend to stretch out over time. So, if you wash it up and want to pass it along to your wife, it may not fit. Or, they may stretch it out over time and it won’t fit you.

Good Supervisor

  • Stretchy elastic band is super-comfortable
  • Keeps moisture off your face very well
  • Cleans up quickly and easily
  • Remains stink-free in my extended tests
  • Sunglasses/visor interface is very flexible

Bad Supervisor

  • Elastic stretches out over time

Bottom Line: Headsweats Supervisor Visor

The Headsweats Supervisor definitely puts the Super in visor… no question. This is my go-to visor and has been for 2+ years. I love how comfortable it is and how it adapts to the shape of my head.

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