What do you get for the outdoorsy man or woman who already has the latest Gore-Tex, techiest solar recharger or ultralight underwear? It’s always a tough question and one that you may have gotten dead wrong last month.  Luckily for us, Helinox is offering some very creative and finely-crafted camping tools that are always in season: the Chair One and Table One.

Helinox Table One Features:

  • Weight – 1lb 5oz/ 600g
  • Packed size – 16” x 4” x 4” /40 x 10 x 10cm
  • Assembled Dimensions – 24”w x 16”d x 16”h / 60 x 40 x 40cm
  • MSRP: $99.95

Helinox Table One Review

‘Tis the season of lightweight convenience

The last Helinox product we reviewed was the Chair One, distributed in the USA by Big Agnes.  We were impressed by the chair’s durability and clever engineering and those qualities are just as applicable to the Table One.  The the table is a lightweight camp accessory that’s designed to make meal prep or relaxing next to the fire a more enjoyable experience.  At just 1lb 5oz, it’s light enough that you really could backpack with it and its 24″x16″ surface provides tons of prep room for camp dishes or for holding food or stoves.

Setting up the Table One is childishly easy, thanks in part to DAC’s self-locating poles; pick up the pole assembly and give it a few twirls and lo, the poles have all slotted into place; the main pole between each hub is fixed in place, so the design doesn’t pivot awkwardly like the Chair One’s does.  Once the main body is assembled, there are two table top support poles that attach to the nylon table panel and then connect to the main body.  It’s a simple design, but if you were to get confused the assembly instructions are printed onto the inside of the Helinox carrying case.

Helinox Table One Review

Using the Table One has been a delight, even at the expense of the extra pound+ that it costs to lug around.  The carrying case’s slim design makes it easy to find space for in or on a pack and it’s perfect for those favorite camping spots that just don’t seem to have any good flat kitchen rocks.

The design is remarkably stable – you can put a ton of weight on one side of the table and the design stays rock solid.  Obviously it does perform best on flat surfaces and but the four rubber-coated feet adapt well to uneven terrain.  Helinox included two cup holders in the middle of the table, but they’re so small that few bottles except .75L Kleen Kanteens or fairly narrow mugs can fit.  Nalgenes are definitely out, as are any mugs of what I would call average width – mugs under 3 inches wide can fit.  However, if you get over using them as cupholders, you can also store kitchen utensils and a variety of handy dandy camp tools in them, so really they’re pretty useful when you’re cooking.

Helinox Table One Review

DAC’s self-locating poles make for a sturdy, convenient table


The Good

  • Strong, sturdy and simple design
  • Packed table is long and thin, making it easy to find space for
  • At 1lb. 5oz the Table One is viable for backpacking

The Bad

  • Cup/mug holders are too small

The Bottom Line: Helinox Table One

A camp table isn’t a necessity but sometimes its convenience outweighs its weight penalty.  I carried the Table One into a favorite backcountry stash that, despite its many charms, doesn’t have any decent rocks or good cooking surfaces.  The Table One was the perfect fit, but it’s equally well suited for car camping or travel.  It’s a great design that’s as simple as it is strong – definitely a winner from Helinox.

Buy Now: Available at BigAgnes.com

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Kevin Glover is an outdoorsman living, climbing and biking in Spokane, WA. Originally from the Nevada high desert, he moved to the PNW for its mild winters and allergen-free summers. He has guided throughout the Cascades and Enchantments for Peak 7 Adventures.

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