When it comes to energy goo, gels, bars and such, have you considered Jelly Belly Sport Beans? No, they don’t have Tidy Bowl, buttered popcorn or jalapeno flavor, but they do have a palatable assortment of predictable flavors in nice and tidy re-sealable pouches. I’ve been using them this Summer and have quickly become a fan.

Jelly Belly Sport Beans Details:

  • Uses natural flavors and ingredients
  • Loaded with carbs, electrolytes and Vitamins B & C
  • Flavors: Berry, Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, Orange, Mixed, Extreme Cherry (w/caffeine) and Extreme Watermelon (w/caffeine)
  • Usage: One packet 30 min before exercising and as needed on long workouts (approx every 45 min)
  • Price: $1.50 per package

Jelly Belly Sport Beans Review

While a “review” of Sport Beans is more like a rundown of personal preferences, I still think it’s valid for those who enjoy these little power pellets. With the spectrum of goo, gels and bars out there, these stand out as being the most portable and pocket-friendly. I can’t really say that they provide improved performance over the competition (Clif Bloks, PowerBar Gel Blasts, Gu Chomps, etc.), but I can speak to their portability, which is by far the best.

I’ve used most of the above energy snacks and like them all, but the Sport Beans offer a less-messy and more portable alternative. They don’t get squishy in the heat and you can slip a few in a side pocket without turning the pocket into your 3-yr-old’s surprise gooey mess (been there, done that).

Triathletes like to “lick and stick” their energy blocks to the top-tube of their bikes, but that won’t work with Sport Beans. However, I can assure you they are more aerodynamic than a bunch of square-edged blocks on your TT bike.

Good Sport Beans

  • Extremely portable
  • Provide good energy
  • Bite-sized and easy to disgest
  • Re-sealable package encourages grazing instead of binging
  • Real juice = real juice flavor
  • Inexpensive

Bad Sport Beans

  • Texture is a little gritty
  • May not be as advanced as other energy products
  • No “lick and stick” capability if that’s your thing

Bottom Line: Jelly Belly Sport Beans

Portable electrolytes and carbs in a convenient pouch or in your pocket… Jelly Belly Sports Beans are a great choice for mess-free carbs during your next adventure.

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