It’s hard to hide how much I dig Kaenon’s eyewear. Up this time is the Kaenon Hard Kore sunglasses with their sporty styling and head-hugging design. Oh yeah, don’t forget about Kaenon’s renowned SR-91 lenses and optics. Lets dive in.

Kaenon Hard Kore Glasses Features:

  • Lightweight design
  • Straight-back temples for a snug fit
  • SR-91 polarized optics – learn more
  • Rx-able (for many prescription types)
  • Includes cleaning bag and hard metal case
  • Variflex™ rubber temple tips and nose pads
  • Frame colors: White, Titanium, Black, Matte Black
  • Lenses: Gray, Copper or Yellow (in a variety of VLT options)
  • MSRP: $225

Kaenon Hard Kore Sunglasses Review

I’ve now been using the Hard Kore’s for a few months and they’ve been my eyewear of choice on every backcountry ski trip, trail run and road bike ride since. I’m sold on the SR-91 lens and this was my first time with the C-28 lens (I tested the C-12 and G-12 lenses previously). The 28 in C-28 represents the visual light transmission or VLT for those in the know. What that provides is a versatile lens that really works well from shadows to bright light conditions.

At the core of the lens is Kaenon’s polarization technology that knocks the socks off any other polarized optics I’ve tested. You don’t get any rainbow effect or blind spots at any speed or under any conditions or peripheral view. I can confidently rock the Hard Kore’s on the mountain bike, road bike, trail running or touring without any worry.

On trail runs, the glasses stay put on my face — no matter what. The straight temples do pose some problems with my running hats, but the Headsweats Supervisor provides a great fit. A few quick adjustments and no worries with either option. I just end up tucking the temples under my hat. I had some interference with my bike helmets as well, but some quick adjustments remedied that as well.

Optical clarity and versatility has been great with the Hard Kore’s and the C-28 lens. Not once did I feel that the frame ever inhibited my vision and the lenses remained crisp and clear.

Just one note… since I shave my head, my hair is typically pretty short and when it’s recently shaved, the temple pieces tend to be pushed away from my skin due to the stiff, bristly hair. Once my hair grows longer, the temples sit down a bit better. Keep that in mind if you keep your hair short.

Good Hard Kore

  • Polarized optics without any of the polarized baggage that you can get from other lenses
  • SR-91 lenses are lightweight and durable
  • C-28 lens option is very versatile
  • The glasses stay put under all conditions
  • Great peripheral and overall vision

Bad Hard Kore

  • Temples can interfere with hats and helmets
  • Temples can sit funny with really short hair

Bottom Line: Kaenon Hard Kore C-28 Sunglasses

The Kaenon Hard Kore sunglasses are an edgy option for multi-sport uses. I’ve used them at altitude in the Tetons, on trail runs here in the Wasatch and road bike rides up American Fork Canyon and really appreciate the solid optics and overall quality of vision. For me, I still prefer the standard Kaenon Kore sunglasses, but it’s still hard to go wrong with these.

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