I’m a sunglasses aficionado and have been drawn to the performance of Kaenon sunglasses of late. Having flogged the Kaenon Kore sunglasses for over a year and subsequently wearing the Kaenon Jetty sunglasses now for about 6 months, I’m sold on the lens technology and the function of these killer optics.

While they may not be as hard core as the Kore’s are, they still hold their own on the trail and around town–which is more than many glasses can say.

Kaenon Jetty Review

At the core of the Kaenon story is the stellar SR-91 polarized lens. This lens material is optically correct, nearly as hard as glass (for excellent scratch protection) and sports the highest-quality polarization of any polarized lenses I’ve used. In the words of Kaenon, here’s the skinny on the Jetty:

JETTY™ is an oversize, tall and boxy performance frame with plenty of street attitude which embodies the company’s Luxury Performance™ design and engineering mantra. A unisex frame that can be worn by men and women everyday, JETTY is also built to perform for the active lifestyle.

This style features tall temples and a rectangular face shape with clean and smooth surface design; plus functional details such as recessed Variflex™ rubber nose pads for secure fit and heavy duty, non-corrosive, five-barrel stainless steel hinges for added comfort and durability. JETTY is finished with the polished Kaenon jewel icon that marks the authenticity of a Kaenon Polarized original design. JETTY comes with a protective metal case.

Features of the Kaenon Jetty

  • Polarized with full UV and UVB protection
  • SR-91 lens technology – learn more
  • Italian-made frame
  • Rubber nose pads
  • 5-barrel stainless steel hinges
  • Frame Colors: Black, Tobacco, Almond, Seaweed, Matte Black
  • Lens Options: C12 or G12 (12% vlt)
  • MSRP: $211
Kaenon Jetty Sunglasses Review - Jason Mitchell

The Jetty has a large shape with extra coverage.

Kaenon Jetty Sunglasses Review

While the Kore’s are built for athletic performance (cycling, skiing, running, etc.), the Jetty’s are built with both style and performance in mind. So, you do give up some of the pure performance features in favor of a little more street or beach style.

By no means do you give up anything when it comes to the lenses as the polarized SR-91 lenses offer crystal clear optics and durability not found on other non-glass lenses on the market. Another note about the polarization technology used by Kaenon… I’ve worn these side-by-side with other polarized lenses and the difference is dramatic. With some of the others I got rainbow artifacts while mountain biking–not so with these. I’ve been reluctant to wear other polarized sunglasses while mountain biking, but these provide excellent optics without any artifacts whatsoever.

While I really appreciate the clarity of the optics, the Jetty does have its limits when pushed hard, but they still performed surprisingly well. I wore them on several mountain bike rides and even on a few long-distance trail runs just to see how well they’d work. Surprisingly, they stayed put and were quite comfortable–even when I was sweating buckets.

Kaenon Jetty Polarized Sunglasses Review - Jason Mitchell

There are certainly better performance glasses, but these do well for MTB.

For true athletic activity, I’d prefer the Kore, but these are amazingly-versatile while still being super-stylish. I always love to share my Kaenon’s with others when at the river or the lake to show them just how effective polarization is at cutting down glare. I’m a believer.

The only major downside of these glasses is that the arms are made to fit a wide head. While my head and face suits them well, when I slip them on top of my head while inside, they can easily slip off, so I’ve got to be careful–especially when flushing the toilet. Not something I want dropping into the drink if you know what I mean.

Model Tested: Black with G12 Lens

The Good

  • Top-notch polarization
  • Scratch-free performance
  • Stylish design around town and on the trail
  • Feels very comfortable
  • Rubber nose pads keep them in place

The Bad

  • Wide frame design doesn’t sit well on top of the head (flush carefully!)
  • Lacks rubberized earpieces to keep them in place even better

The Bottom Line: Kaenon Jetty Polarized Sunglasses

These glasses perform very well in all conditions. I’ve appreciated them while driving, hanging out at the beach, at the lake, on the river, around town and on the trails. For their size and quality, they are surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear all-day. Optics are top-notch… these glasses are built to last.

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