Sunglasses, you might say, are in my blood. I’ve long been a firm believer that the last thing you ever want to skimp on is your eyes. Your window to the world deserves the utmost protection from the sun and foreign objects. In all my eyewear testing, no other lenses can compare to Kaenon’s SR-91. The Kaenon Kanvas is a versatile pair of sunglasses that’s equally at home in the mountains as it is around town.

Kaenon Kanvas Features:

  • Polarized SR-91 lenses
  • Rubberized nose pads
  • Flexible temples for extra comfort
  • Internal cam-driven hinges
  • Midsize, unisex frame
  • Colors: Black (G12), Matte Black (G12, Y35), Liquid Titanium (G12), Pacific Ocean (G12) and Tobacco (C12, C28 *tested*, G12)
  • MSRP: $179 – $189
Kaenon Kanvas Hiking

Hiking with the Kaenon Kanvas in the Wasatch

Kaenon Kanvas Review

The Kanvas is relatively new to Kaenon’s lineup and comes in as one of the most economical frames. Getting into a pair of polarized Kaenon’s for $179 is a fantastic deal and the Kanvas is a versatile player that makes the deal even sweeter. With these, you get a pair of glasses that works great in nearly all situations.

I’ve had the Tobacco frame with the C28 lenses. SR-91 lenses are available in grey, copper or yellow in three different VLT’s (12%, 28% or 35%). If you’re looking for maximum glare reduction in super-bright conditions (water or snow), the G12/C12 lens is best. For me, I like a more versatile lens tint and color. With the C28, the Utah terrain looks brighter, clearer and crisper in a variety of conditions.

While I have superior sport-specific sunglasses (like the Kaenon Hard Kore), I still put these to the test trail running, road biking and mountain biking. In each case, they performed well beyond my expectations by staying put and remaining comfortable throughout the activity. The rubberized nose pads and flexible temples ensure they remain snug to your noggin. I do think some minimal rubber on the temple tips could make them even better, if only to hold them atop your head when not in use. When I slip them up on my forehead, they have a tendency to flip backwards or down my face. Any sudden head movements results in them flying off my head, so I tend not to place them atop my head when not in use.

While driving, the C28 lens really allows your eyes to relax and stay focused on the road ahead. On long road trips, I’d switch between these and another pair of more expensive glasses from another manufacturer and there’s no comparison. Even glass lenses don’t compare. You get less eye fatigue, crisp optics and all-day comfort/clarity.

Speaking to their broad appeal, my wife loves these glasses and also looks great in them. The frame shape and color combination works well for both men and women.

The Good

  • SR-91 optics are unmatched in the industry
  • Copper 28 lens is perfect for all-around use
  • Makes everything feel brighter and crisper
  • Reduces eye fatigue… great for all-day wear
  • Very comfortable design
  • Nose grips to keep them in place
  • Great shape works for both men and women
  • Stays put while running or cycling

The Bad

  • Lacks rubber on the temples, so they don’t stay put when placed atop my head

Bottom Line: Kaenon Kanvas C28 Sunglasses

Kaenon once again nails it with a quality frame and legendary optics. The Kanvas with C28 lenses is about as versatile as you could ask for at the lowest price of Kaenon’s line.

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