Lots of styles of sunglasses have come through my door this summer. Every pair has been good, but for different reasons.  Some fit extremely well, some have interchangeable lenses, others look more stylie around town and others offer great technology, like polarized lenses.

This year is the first year I’ve had multiple pairs of polarized sunglasses to flog. Though I enjoy the benefits of polarized lenses while on the water or snow, under most other circumstances polarized lenses are simply unnecessary. Sometimes they can also be a little dangerous. I’ve found that I don’t like to drive with polarized lenses or mountain bike with polarized lenses. Well, let me clarify this… I don’t like to do those things with any polarized sunglasses other than Kaenon Polarized.

About the Kaenon Kore Polarized Sunglasses

I was first formally introduced to Kaenon’s SR-91 lens technology at Outdoor Retailer this summer. Some of the unique characteristics of this lens include: denser and more pliable material, next-to glass quality optics and scratch-resistance without the weight and some of the most high-quality polarized technology on the market.

The Kore is aimed at active athletes who can benefit from the coverage of the wraparound shield design. One of the best applications is both road and mountain biking where the outstanding field of vision provided by the Kaenon Kore sunglasses is most beneficial. Here are a few more features of the Kaenon Kore polarized sunglasses:

  • SR-91 lens material provides next-to-glass clarity at a lighter weight and more pliable than polycarbonate
  • Glare 86 Polarizing technology provides unsurpassed quality
  • Rubberized nose and temples
  • Curved temples to better accommodate helmets and hats
  • Lens Sizes: Small, Medium, Large (tested)
  • MSRP: $209

Kaenon Polarized Kore Sunglasses Review

This summer is the first time I’ve used polarized sunglasses extensively. I’ve really begun to appreciate the optical clarity provided by these lenses under bright and reflective light conditions. However, at times, I’ve felt that polarized lenses weren’t appropriate for mountain biking. With one such pair of sunglasses (not these), I experienced “oily blotches” in my line of vision while mountain biking. I found myself completely distracted by this as I made my way down the trail–not a good thing.

Skinning up Lone Peak, Utah.

With the Kore’s, I’ve never once experienced anything other than crystal-clear vision in all conditions. The C-28 lens provides the perfect mixture of light transmission and tint for the varying light conditions I’ve encountered while mountain biking this summer. Anything darker and you’ll have trouble seeing in the trees… anything lighter and the sun may be a tad bright once you clear them.

Optical clarity on these glasses are second-to-none. As I mentioned above, the polarized technology used by Kaenon far surpasses the technology used by other major brands. Head-to-head with these other high-end brands, there is simply no comparison. The “oily splotches” in my vision (noted above) are simply non-existent with the Kore’s. As a result, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of polarized without having to endure some of the negatives.

The wrap-around design offers a great mix of wind protection and and amazing field of vision. The glasses feel lightweight on my face and fit like a glove. The rubberized nose and temple pieces are grippy and keep everything in place on unforgiving trails.

Trail running in Corner Canyon, Utah.

I can also appreciate the curved earpieces instead of straight ones. Sometimes, straight temple pieces can interfere with hats and/or helmets. These glasses fit great with my Giro Xen bike helmet and any other headwear I’ve worn.

I have continued to use these sunglasses for trail running, mountain biking, road biking and backcountry skiing with great results. Let me just say this… when given the choice of any pair of sunglasses at my disposal, I always reach for the Kaenon Kore’s first.

Good Kore

  • My first choice when selecting a pair of sunglasses for any athletic activity
  • Optical clarity that’s second-to-none
  • Polarized technology that provides crystal clear vision in all conditions
  • Comfortable wraparound design
  • Excellent field of vision
  • High scratch-resistance
  • A variety of tints and lens sizes to choose from

Bad Kore

  • Only available in black frames

The Bottom Line: Kaenon Kore Sunglasses

With the Kaenon Kore, you get some of the most advanced sunglasses on the market with the best polarized technology I’ve used–all in a sport-friendly design. Mountain biking, trail running and road biking are all perfect activities for these sunglasses. You’ll find they stay in place–no matter how sweaty you get–and are built for all-day comfort. All other polarized lenses I’ve tested pale in comparison to these.

Buy Now: Find Kaenon at Backcountry.com

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  1. how about sweat on the lens, do they slide off easily on its own or you need to take it off and wipe it? this is a common problem i see with wearing glasses while biking.

    • These lenses don’t have any type of anti-fog coating or anything to inhibit the sweat from dripping down the lens on its own. Since they aren’t a full-rim frame, the sweat drops right off the bottom. I feel this is a requirement of cycling glasses and the Kores do shed drips of sweat very well from the lenses.

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