Keen Mt. Airy 3/4 Crew Lite Sox Off-Road Socks Review


Socks are socks are socks, right?  I’ve heard that one before.  Yeah, if you don’t truly care about how your shoes fit or how well your feet breathe, then socks ARE socks. But, if you want your feet to enjoy the bike ride, trail run or hiking trip, then socks aren’t just socks.

In recent years, the mixture of both synthetic and natural materials has proven to be a goldmine for sock manufacturers. New and old materials alike are being brought to life in the form of more comfortable, more supportive, longer-lasting and better fitting sock designs. I’ve recently had the chance to try out the new Keen Mt. Airy socks (called Hybrid.Sox) and I’m digging them.

Keen Mt Airy Sox Review

About the Keen Mt. Airy 3/4 Crew LIte Off-Road Socks

Lightweight and comfortable, the Keen Mt. Airy 3/4 Crew Lite socks are made for trail running or fast hiking. The 3/4 height is perfectly-matched with a lightweight hiker, like the Keen Voyageur II Mid (reviewed earlier this year). These right and left-specific socks utilize some great new technology developed exclusively by Keen for their sock line.

Not only are the socks right and left-specific, the typical top seam is re-located underneath the gap between the balls of the toes and the ball of the foot, thus eliminating any seam irritation. When designing socks for a specific foot, the design can also be perfectly catered to the needs of each foot. The only right/left specific socks I’ve used in the past were from Injinji, which were good, but I could never get used to the extra material between my toes. Keen stays away from creating toe-socks and, instead went another route to make them foot-specific:

When we [Keen] decided to rethink how socks are made, we first asked: if we make right shoes and left soes, why not right socks and left socks?

Along the way, we discovered a new way to make socks designed to perform better and last longer. Socks with natural fibers for softness, comfort and cushioning in all the right places. Socks that wear longer, fit right, breathe better and are naturally sustainable.

Here are a few more features of the Keen Mt. Airy 3/4 Crew Lite socks:

  • Vent Dri-Release system improves airflow
  • Fewer blisters due to wicking and drying
  • Freshguard neutralizes odor
  • Seamless toe with anatomical flex fit
  • Contour arch support
  • Light impact cushioning
  • Material: 53% recycled poly, 34% nylon, 10% organic cotton, 3% Lycra
  • MSRP: $14.95

Keen Mt Airy Socks

Keen Mt. Airy Socks Review

I prefer my socks to be lightweight and relatively thin. If you’re waring anything thicker than the Mt. Airy for anything other than extended backpacking, then you’re buying your shoes to big. I feel the snug, close-to-foot feel provided by the Keen Mt. Airy socks and a nice-fitting shoe provides just the right feel on the trail.

Around town and on a short hike, the Mt. Airy socks do a great job of wicking away moisture for all-day comfort. I did appreciate the lack of seams and the overall feel of the socks right out of the box.

I can instantly appreciate the right/left-specific socks because the foot is properly cradled every time. Gone is the guessing game of trying to figure out which foot wore the sock last by the wear pattern. You will always know which foot to put the sock on. The only challenge would be if you had several pair in the drawer and kept grabbing the left sock.

Good Mt. Airy

  • Perfect thickness (not to thick or thin)
  • Right/Left-specific provides excellent support
  • Excellent wicking capabilities

Bad Mt. Airy

  • I wish there was a quarter-length option

The Bottom Line on the Keen Mt. Airy Socks

The Mt. Airy socks are comfortable and just the right thickness for trail running or day hikes. Though I’d prefer a quarter-length sock for trail running or mountain biking, these are perfect for day hikes and around town. I dig the right/left-specific feel and the specific support it provides.

Buy Now: You Can Find Keen at REI

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  1. Cool to know. I’m not a fan of anything longer than quarter-length socks unless absolutely necessary. I just hate the itchy leg syndrome I get when my leg hair gets all matted down. 🙂

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