For $90, what can you really expect? As it turns out, quite a lot from the new Kelty Tuck 20 Degree Sleeping Bag. Synthetic insulation has come a long ways and the Tuck also features a comfortable cut in an affordable package.

Kelty Tuck 20 Degree Bag Features:

  • Human-shaped with additional Insulation in the places you need it most
  • Use the compression stuff sack (included) to make it fit in any nook or cranny
  • Anti-snag zipper designed for ease of use for no snagging allowed
  • Available and regular (tested) or long
  • ThermaPro™ Ultra Synthetic Insulation
  • 75D Polyester Taffeta shell and liner
  • Weight: 3.73 lbs. (regular length + stuff sack)
  • MSRP: $89.99
Kelty Tuck 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Review

Extra shoulder room and warm synthetic insulation.

Kelty Tuck and Roll

Sleeping in the backcountry can be a tricky affair. Many say they’ve spent many nights in the woods, but haven’t slept much. A poor night’s sleep can be common, but the combination of the Therm-A-Rest Luxury Map sleeping pad and the Kelty Tuck has me counting sheep.

Without question, if you want the lightest, most comfortable bag, nothing beats he feel of down. But, not everyone has $300+ to spend and many people are camping in damp locations (like my old stomping grounds in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest).

Kelty Tuck 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Review

Form-fitting hood keeps warmth in.

Kelty has long delivered high-value camping gear and the Tuck is no exception. For reference, I still have a 20+ yr old Kelty 0-degree bag that’s going strong and in use to this day. I’m expecting nothing less for the new Tuck 20 degree sleeping bag.

Kelty Tuck 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Review

If you get warm, it’s easy to slip a foot or two out.

The Tuck features ThermaPro™ Ultra Synthetic Insulation that delivers great warmth into the upper-30’s (lowest temperatures tested). As with any bag, you won’t die down to the temperature rating, but you’ll definitely be cold. As a solid 3-season bag, the Tuck 20-degree will do the job for most camping and backpacking conditions. With a contour, ninja-style hood, the Tuck cinches around your body for added warmth.

Kelty Tuck 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Review

The compressed Tuck 20 next to a standard 24 oz water bottle.

Again, for the money, the Tuck 20 Degree is unbeatable. I’ll add that the cut is a more modern mummy design with ample shoulder room to allow side sleeping without feeling constricted. In fact, I have had some of the best-quality sleep in the backcountry because this bag is so comfortable. True, it’s almost 4 lbs, but still it compresses down to 8.7 x 15 in, which is respectable for the category and slips easily into most backpack sleeping bag compartments with room to spare.

While the zipper is touted as an anti-snag zipper, I did have trouble with getting it open sometimes. Others have also mentioned that the stuff sack isn’t meant for prime time, but I’ve yet to have any issues with it.

The Good

  • Killer price point
  • Insulation has great loft and warmth
  • Roomy cut allows for comfortable side sleeping
  • Compresses well
  • Easy foot vent

The Bad

  • Snag-free zipper was so-so
  • Have read complaints about stuff sack durability, but mine has fared well so far

The Bottom Line: Kelty Tuck 20

When looking for a versatile sleeping bag for 3-season comfort, the new Kelty Tuck 20 degree should be on your list. I’ve enjoyed some of the best night’s sleep in the backcountry in years with the ability to sleep on either side throughout the night. As a great Boy Scout sleeping bag or a budget 3-sesaon sleeper, the Tuck 20 Degree is hard to beat.

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