I demand a lot from my outerwear, and I don’t appreciate much of today’s fashion. I’m definitely not trendy, nor do I aspire to be. I want my clothes–especially my outerwear–to go from the office to the trails in style and function. Classic, styles with modern technology and fabrics are my ideal clothing.

The design team at Merrell Apparel sees it the same way. Their clothing line is highly fashionable, yet simple and functional in its design. Take their new-for-2008 Truckee Pant, for example. These are solid-looking and functional all-purpose outdoorsy pants that have been constructed to wear well over time. If you look at the back hem of each pantleg, there’s a reinforced rubbery area where all pants tend to get worn from dragging on the ground. That’s just one example as the entire Fall 2008 line of Merrell Apparel is filled with great little functional features like the reinforced cuff of the Truckee Pant. Here are a few highlights.

Merrell Gatherer Jacket

Built as an experimental piece and to show the industry what “could” be done when some rules are broken and creativity is king. This jacket is basically an unfilled nylon puffy jacket with zipper-accessed compartments allowing you to stuff whatever you want inside. The see-thru material allows you to express yourself by showing off whatever it is you’ve stuffed inside the jacket. Show off your stamp collection, or carry your gym clothes–whatever you want. Or, as I pointed out, it could serve as a piece of survival gear by stuffing leaves inside it in an emergency situation.

Look for the Merrell Gatherer Jacket on Merrell.com, Fall 2008.

Merrell Gatherer Jacket

2008 Merrell Task Jacket

The new, improved Merrell Task Jacket looks to be more technical and functional than before. Using Merrell Opti-Shellâ„¢ fabric, this jacket will shed rain or snow, yet still remain breathable under use. Sporting dual core vent zips and lower front pockets, the Task Jacket will function on the slopes or in the backcountry, while being simple and stylish enough for everyday wear.

To further extend the function of the jacket, it also includes a superlight (60 grams) of Merrell Opti-Warmâ„¢ synthetic insulation to give you just enough warmth without adding bulk. The Task is the one to grab when you head out the door. The Task Jacket is shown here with the Cornice Pant (also new for Fall 2008).

2008 Merrell Task Jacket

2008 Merrell Fluid Jacket

This is the top-of-the-line technical jacket for the Merrell lineup–it looks solid and is simple and functional. Using GoreTex Paclite, this jacket is functional and light weight for packability and flexibility under all conditions. The Fluid Jacket is also shown here with the Cornice Pant.

2008 Merrell Fluid Jacket and Cornice Pant

The Gatherer, Fluid and Task Jackets will be available Fall 2008.

More Info: Visit Merrell.com

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  1. Hi there,

    I live in Montreal and the weather here gets as low as -13F (-25 Celsius). Would the Task jacket keep me worm if I plan to wear two shirts and a fleece inside with the jacket?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Sorry for the late reply, Mark. All fun aside with the misspelling, the Task Jacket is built with enough insulation to keep you warm if you layer properly. It’s not going to keep you warm in those conditions by itself. So, plan on layering underneath it. Hope that helps!

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