Springtime is so unpredictable.  That’s why we like it, right?  The only problem is making sure you have the right coverage in case some harsh conditions blow through, or if you just plain missed your weather forecast.  Consider the MontBell Tachyron Anorak a convenient insurance policy.

MontBell Tachyon Anorak Features

  • 7-denier ripstop ballistic airlight nylon
  • 100-wash rated Polkatex DWR finish
  • 7.5 inch zipper
  • Weight: 2.3 oz.
  • Compressed dimensions: 2.8’’ x 1.4’’ x 4.0’’ (stuff sack included)
  • Draw cord hem and hood adjustment
  • Elasticized cuffs
  • Reflective logo on body and back
  • MSRP: $89

MontBell Tachyon Anorak Review

So what exactly is a “tachyon”, anyway?  Scientifically, it’s a subatomic particle that travels faster than the speed of light. Strictly speaking, the principles of relativity render such particles merely hypothetical, but they do not prohibit the existence of objects that continually strive to be lighter and faster.

Confused?  Consider MontBell.  The company’s mantra is “Light and Fast”, and their Tachyon anorak exemplifies that philosophy in action.  At 2.3 ounces, it’s one of the lightest wind shirts on the market, but it provides effective protection and insulation for you to hammer through blustery spring trail outings.

The key to the Tachyon’s lightweight wind protection is its ballistic airtight nylon fabric.  Created by heating and stretching nylon fibers (the same way that steel is tensiled), this fabric has a very tight, durable weave which provides outstanding wind resistance with minimal bulk.  Thickness of the Tachyon is 7-denier (higher denier = thicker fiber), and the material feels very soft against bare skin or over a tech shirt.

It does, however, have something of a gloss to it – or, as a training partner who saw my dark navy color remarked, “It kind of looks like a trash bag”.  So … there’s that.  Interestingly, the anorak works something like a trash bag as well, trapping body heat next to your skin while shielding you from the wind.  It also has a DWR finish to shed light precipitation long enough for you to race the storm home.

“Does this make me look trashy?”

Ventilation is quite limited compared to mesh fabrics, so you’ll definitely retain some sweat against your skin when the weather warms up.  Fortunately, the Tachyon can be easily slipped off and stowed into a large pocket or waist pack in its compact stuff sack (see photo).

Like other MontBell gear, the Tachyon is designed with a “function ONLY” mindset, so you won’t find a lot of superfluous bells and whistles on this wind shirt.  There’s no mp3 holster, no pocket, no key clasp, no thumb loops … you get the idea.  What you get in return is the highest possible warmth-to-weight ratio for any not-quite-summertime adventure.

Got room for a tennis ball? You’ve got room for an anorak.

Good Tachyon

  • Ultra-lightweight construction
  • Outstanding wind resistance
  • Great overall comfort
  • Very easily compacted

Bad Tachyon

  • Minimal ventilation
  • No frills construction
  • Come to think of it … it does sort of look like a trash bag.

Bottom Line: MontBell Tachyon Anorak

Feather light and easily compressed, MontBell’s Tachyon Anorak is an ideal accessory for any serious trail user facing chilly springtime conditions, or to keep close at hand in case of unpredictable changes in the weather.

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