Spring has sprung here in Spokane.  The days of down insulation and fleecy layers are slipping away and the breezy comfort of cotton is once again asserting its territory in my wardrobe. I’ve been celebrating the advent of spring with the flamboyantly colored Drummond travel shirt from Mountain Hardwear.

Mountain Hardwear Drummond Shirt Features:

  • Cotton/polyester fabric blend
  • Wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying and durable fabric
  • Chest stash pocket with hidden zip
  • Button front closure
  • Weight: 8.2 oz. / 170 g.
  • MSRP: $65.00


Traveling in the Drummond

Cotton alone has only a limited amount to offer to the world of outdoor adventures, but Mountain Hardwear’s use of the reliable old fabric is very tasteful.  The cotton gives the Drummond a hard-wearing feel and a coarser handle that gives the impression of airiness and a certain simplicity in the textile.  On the other hand, it’s a polyester blend so there’s some added durability and, more importantly, the shirt will dry out a bit faster.

The Drummon is unapologetically simple and it’s only ‘feature,’ per se, is its single buttoned pocket.  Beneath the pocket flap is a very subtle zippered pocket for keeping small valuables when you’re traveling in sketchy areas.  It’s as large as the actual pocket, so it can really hold quite a bit.  The pocket flap is secured by the same buttons that run up the front of the shirt, and there’s a spare sewn onto the fabric care tab on the inside of the shirt.


Mountain Hardwear gave the Drummond a slightly tailored yet true-to-size fit.  I’m 5’11” and 185lbs and the Medium that I tested was a good fit.  My only complaint is that the shoulders are a trifle restricting – God help you if you need to reach up to a top shelf.  You’ll get there, of course, but everyone around will get a great view of your stomach and back.  It’s not a substantial critique since this is meant to be a traveling shirt, but be aware that the shirt is fairly tailored and the fabric doesn’t have any inherent stretch.

Good Drummond:

  • Fabric blend has a durable, familiar handle
  • Polyester will dry fairly quickly
  • Zippered pocket is perfect and fairly large for storing all manner of valuables

Bad Drummond:

  • Fit was too tight around the shoulders for my taste


The Bottom Line: Mountain Hardwear Drummond

If you’re in need of some new summer clothing to bum around in, the Drummond is a refined classic that is easy to like.  I recommend it for travelers, slackers and anyone hitting the pub after an adventurous week.

Buy Now: Available from MountainHardwear.com


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Kevin Glover is an outdoorsman living, climbing and biking in Spokane, WA. Originally from the Nevada high desert, he moved to the PNW for its mild winters and allergen-free summers. He has guided throughout the Cascades and Enchantments for Peak 7 Adventures.

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