Light, breathable long-sleeve shirts are great in the summer for those wanting extra sun protection. The new Mountain Khakis Equatorial LS shirt is just one of those shirts.

Mountain Khakis Equatorial LS Features:

  • Plaids: 3.1oz 70% Cotton/30% TencelĀ® Woven Dobby, Easy Care Treatment
  • Biodegradable plaid fabric made from cellulose fiber and organic process
  • UVA-UVB 30+
  • Button Front
  • Collar Adjusts for Sun/Wind Protection on Neck
  • 2 Oversized Chest Pockets with Button Closure
  • 2 Hand Pockets Set Behind Chest Pockets
  • Split and Drop Tail Hem
  • 2-Button Cuff Adjustment
  • Quick Dry, Wicking
  • Casual Fit
  • MSRP: $94.95

Mountain Khakis Equatorial LS Shirt

My Experience

When you spend long days in the sun, it becomes even more important to protect your skin. That’s especially true for folks like river guides and fisherman who subject their skin to magnified rays for days and weeks on end. Sunscreen is obviously mandatory, but with the latest crop of wicking fabrics so are long-sleeve shirts. Enter the Mountain Khakis Equatorial LS shirt.

The Equatorial is packed with features that make it comfortable in the heat. The soft, flowy fabric allows the breeze to waft through it to keep things comfortable. I’d say the fit is pretty generous, so keep that in mind when selecting your size, but that’s on purpose. This sizing allows the shirt to drape a bit and encourages airflow.

My primary use of the shirt has been for casual wear and I’ve appreciated the styling and comfort in spite of hanging out in 100-degree heat. Not too long ago I’d never even consider wearing a long-sleeve shirt in triple digits, but this shirt remains comfortable and breathable in those temps. And, it wicks moisture well when your body starts to sweat. The fabric also dries quickly — a bonus for when the kids decide to spray you with a hose (might have happened).

I typically wore the Equatorial with the cuffs rolled up and paired it with the equally-fabulous Equatorial Pant. It has been comfortable in all conditions and is a great option to have if you spend tons of time in the sun, but want more protection.

The front hand pockets are useful, but can’t really carry much weight. Slipping my iPhone in there in a pinch pretty much resulted in instant ejection (thank goodness for LifeProof cases). I’d say that the hand pockets should be stitched up about 1/2 inch higher to help keep items inside.

The Good:

  • Soft, flowy fabric breathes well
  • Doesn’t overheat — even in triple digits
  • Offers excellent sun protection
  • Great casual styling for outdoor adventure or office setting
  • Does a good job of remaining stink-free
  • Remains wrinkle-free even when stuffed into a pack

The Bad:

  • The most expensive shirt I think I’ve ever worn
  • Hand pockets could use a little more stitching to keep things inside
  • Sizing is a bit generous, so size down

The Bottom Line

With warmer summers, having extra sun protection is becoming even more important. The Mountain Khakis Equatorial LS shirt is a great option for travel in warm climates or for those who spend a ton of time outside. It breathes well and keeps things comfortable — even when it’s 100+ outside.

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