It’s a safe bet that anyone who has eaten a CLIF Bar is familiar with the company’s origins – probably because the story is right there on the wrapper. CLIF was named after founder Gary Erickson’s father, his “childhood hero and frequent companion throughout the Sierra Nevada Mountains.”  Throughout its more than 30-year history, CLIF Bars have been a staple of hikers, campers, and other associated dirtbags wandering throughout those same Sierra Nevadas.

This summer, the newest CLIF Bar flavor is something of a tribute to the company’s paternal roots: it’s called Sierra Trail Mix, and features peanuts, chocolate, sunflower seeds, and raisins as its primary flavors.  The sweet and salty taste combination is reminiscent of a traditional hiker’s trail mix, except that your M&Ms don’t get all melty, and you don’t have to suck salt off your fingertips afterward.

CLIF sierra trail mix

Keeping with Clif Bar and Company’s socially responsible ethos, Sierra Trail Mix is the first CLIF Bar made with sustainably grown cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, and will carry the alliance’s frog seal on the package.  (This is in addition to the 1% For the Planet logo that all CLIF Bars already display.)  Other existing flavors of CLIF Bar made with cocoa ingredients from certified farms will appear in stores in the coming months.

Clif has also been a pioneer in using organic ingredients, and the Sierra Trail Mix bar is no exception, with a 70 percent organic composition.  Each bar provides 250 calories in a nutritious blend of carbohydrates, protein and fiber for sustained energy during all kinds of outdoor adventures – whether in the Sierras or anywhere else.

Sierra Trail Mix CLIF Bars are now available in most retail stores with a suggested retail of $1.39.

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