MSR continues to innovate in the two most important pieces of the three essentials, water and shelter. New for 2008 in the water category is the awesome MSR HyperFlow MicroFilter and in the shelter category are three types of tents or shelters that caught my attention: The ultralight emergency shelter E-Wing, the lightweight backpacking Hubba Hubba and the burly yet uber-light DragonTail 4-season tent. I was impressed with the overall quality and innovation coming to the market from MSR. These tents are all super light and functional. Lets dig in.

MSR E-Wing Shelter

You can never be too prepared and the 2008 MSR E-Wing provides that extra level of safety in a pinch. This little wonder comes pre-compressed from the factory at a mere 2.5 x 4.5 inches, so there’s no excuse to not carry one of these in your emergency kit just in case. Once used, the E-Wing compresses nicely into an included soda can-sized compression sack, which is still small.

The E-Wing can be set up in a variety of ways from a-frame to lean-to. With a reasonable price-point of $79.95, look for the E-Wing to become an essential part of anyone’s emergency kit. Water… check… Shelter… check… Food… eat ants, snakes and bugs like Bear Gryllis.

MSR E-Wing Emergency Shelter

MSR E-Wing Emergency Shelter

MSR E-Wing Emergency Shelter - Packed

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MSR Hubba Hubba HP 3-season Tent

Lightweight backpackers and long-distance hikers can rejoice in the new lightweight (3 lbs. 11 oz.) MSR Hubba Hubba 2-person tent. With roof sections built entirely from new, lightweight nylon and mesh materials and a tub floor, the Hubba Hubba is light on weight but heavy on features. Reducing the amount of nylon mesh certainly expands the usability of this already-proven tent. And, in a summer storm, spring downpour or early fall snow, the included full-coverage rain fly boasts 17.5 sq. ft. of storage space. As with many tents in this category, you get two doors so you don’t have to climb on top of your buddy for that early-morning relief.

The Hubba Hubba looks to be a great option for backpackers looking for a durable and sturdy 3-season tent that won’t break your back. The price is up there at $449.95, but the features and performance of this tent won’t leave you wanting.

2008 msr hubba hubba hp tent

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MSR DragonTail 4-season Single-wall Expedition Tent

Looking for a burly alpine expedition tent for two? The all-new MSR DragonTail single-wall tent is built from a proven hoop design, but with the added functionality of a pass-through vent along the top. Open up both ends and it reduces the amount of condensation buildup inside that puts a damper on most single-walls. Floorspace is 30 sq. ft. with 14 sq. ft. of vestibule space. And, because it’s a single-wall, it tips the scales at a svelte 4 lbs. 6 oz.

If your adventures take you into the high alpine for winter ascents, the MSR DragonTail is both a lightweight and burly companion. At $449.95, it’s not cheap, but you won’t think about that as you are warm and cozy in a raging snowstorm on Mt. McKinley.

MSR DragonTail 4-season Tent

MSR DragonTail 4-season Singlewall Tent

MSR DragonTail 4-season Singlewall Tent - Vent Tube

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