New Suunto and Endless Pursuit GPS Products for 2003


Looking for a new gadget for your adventures this spring and summer? Check out these new offerings from Suunto and the GPS analysis software from Endless Pursuit. Watches and GPS technology has come a long way over the past few years. These products have been getting smaller and more featured-packed by the day. Check out this new gear–now you will have no excuse for getting lost on your next adventure!

SUUNTO Wristtop Computers

Suunto continues to be the premier brand when it comes to technically-advanced watches. We’ve used the Vector, Advizor, X6hr and the S6 over the years–each one has been stellar. Now, Suunto is really pushing the limits with their new integrated GPS units and training systems. Now with many sport-specific watches, er… um… wristop comptuers (as Suunto calls them), Suunto is guaranteed to have the perfect watch for your sports interests.

Suunto X9 GPS
This watch features an integrated GPS unit–all contained in a relatively small package. Granted, this is no smallfry in the watch size category, but considering what this thing does, it’s very small! The GPS unit is accurate within 3 ft. and offers a 12 channel receiver. The X9 also includes standard Suunto features such as altimeter, barometer, thermometer, log books, digital 3D compass (Suunto’s most accurate to date), calendar and more. Because the X9 is so power-intensive, it comes with a Li-ion rechargable battery and docking station so you can make sure it’s powered up.

New with the X9 is the Suunto Trek Manager software to give you a deeper understanding of where you’ve been and where you’d like to go. Overlay your routes on maps or look at training profiles–it’s all possible with the Trek Manager software. MSRP is $799.

Suunto t6 Performance Monitor
Take the guts of the awesome Suunto X6HR, add in more training features and advanced analysis systems to make your head spin–all in the same, small X6-sized package and you’ve got the all-new Suunto t6 Performance Monitor. This watch just may prove to be the mother of all cross sports watches.

With many watches out there that can measure and analyze performance using an EKG accurate heart rate monitor, the t6 takes that one step further by introducing new technology to measure your fitness level. The t6 measures the time between your heartbeats, then, through an amazing amount of calculations, gives you the skinny on your fitness level. This watch will be truly revolutionary and give you more insight into your current health level than previously possible.

Of course the Suunto t6 is packed with industry-leading features like an altimeter, barometer, thermometer, digital compass and heart rate features too. MSRP is $499.


Introduced in the Fall of 2003, the Endless Pursuit GPS analysis and training software system was heralded at Interbike 2003 by VeloNews as “Best of Show.” This analysis technology allows you to use any PC-enabled Garmin or Magellan GPS unit to upload and analyze your workouts. Combine that with the data you get from your PC-enabled Polar or Timex heart rate monitor watch and you have the ultimate training tool.

If you don’t have a GPS unit, Endless Pursuit sells a complete “Personal Performance Package” with everything you need to get started. This package includes a Garmin Geko 201 GPS unit, lifetime access to Endless Pursuit (150 trek storage), GPS bike mount and armband–all for $299. Or, if you’ve already got a Garmin or Magellan GPS unit with PC interface, simply purchase a Performance Pass for $149–giving you lifetime access to Endless Pursuit analysis tools.

Check out the full details on all the metrics and charts available with Endless Pursuit.

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