After only a few years on the market, Oboz continues to deliver high-quality, no-frills footwear for a variety of outdoor pursuits. Last year, I tested the Oboz Ignition trail runners and really liked them overall.

This year, I’ve had the new Oboz Burn trail runners. They are built on the same last as the Ignition, but with a revised upper for increased breathability and lighter weight. With sufficient miles on the Burns, lets see how they fared.

Oboz Burn Trail Running Shoes Review

About the Oboz Burn Trail Running Shoes

Built with running in mind, the new Oboz Burn is a lighter-weight version of last year’s Ignition. Utilizing the same lowers, but an entirely-revised upper with more mesh, the Burn is built as a solid all-around trail shoe. Here are a few feature highlights:

  • Synthetic leather and Air Mesh upper
  • 3-part Midsole: Dual-density EVA, EVA SupeSkin Plate & Nylon Shank
  • 25.8 oz. per pair
  • MSRP: $100

Oboz Burn Trail Running Shoes Review

Oboz Burn Review

With a true-to-size fit, the Oboz Burn trail runners were ready to hit the trails from day one. The lacing system provides a solid fit with a single-pull and the supportive materials on the upper give just the right amount of support.

A short break-in period and I was ready for action. As part of the break-in period, I noticed some chaffing on the tops of my 3rd and 4th toes in the right shoe, but that went away after the first couple of runs. After that time, the fit was superb.

My favorite feature of the Burns is the tenacious traction offered by the outsole. I’m not kidding when I say these offer the best traction of any trail shoe I’ve worn. It’s amazing to ascend or descend trails that would otherwise be a slip/slide affair–not so with these shoes.

Oboz Burn Trail Running Shoes Review

Even though the traction is superb due to the tread pattern, they are still acceptable for use on an occasional pavement run.

Cushioning is great and support for pronators like myself is solid. Support is provided by an arched heel to forefoot band in combination with other supportive materials.

Some of the materials aren’t as soft as those found on other shoes. For example, the upper tongue material is a little stiff. And, in spite of having a bit more exposed mesh material than the Ignition, breathability is still middle-of-the-pack.

I ran in the Oboz with the standard footbed as well as a pair of Spenco Polysorb footbeds. The Spenco’s offer excellent comfort with these shoes.

Good Oboz Burn

  • Tenacious traction
  • Stability is solid for pronators like myself
  • Very versatile design
  • Smooth stride
  • Excellent forefoot protection

Bad Oboz Burn

  • Could be a little more breathable
  • Upper tongue is a little stiff

The Bottom Line: Oboz Burn

The Oboz Burn is really a fun trail shoe with excellent capabilities. With unmatched traction and solid support, the Burn is an excellent choice for long-haul trail running or training.

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  1. I just bought a pair and went out for a run. Agree enitrely with your traction comments, fantastic. I had three stream crossings in the run and I was a bit disappointed with the water retention. It eventually squelched its way out but given the punchline “True to the Trail” I am a bit dispointed they didn’t consider water being present on the trail.

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