With a limited, but calculated product set, Oboz is cautious when launching a new model. And, well, they also have a great reputation to uphold seeing as so many of their shoes have garnered praise from editors and consumers alike. I’ve tried several multi-trail shoes from Oboz over the years, but the new Flash is the first true trail runner I’ve tested from them.

Oboz Flash Features:

  • Synthetic Leather and Fabric Upper
  • 4 Part Midsole: Trail Dynamics Balancing System, 2 Part Molding Process with Dual Density EVA, Full Forefoot & Heel EVA SuperSkin Plate, Nylon Shank
  • Bridger Outsole
  • BFit Standard Footbed
  • Weight: 11.7 oz
  • MSRP: $100

Oboz Flash Trail Running Shoes Review

I’ve been testing and featuring Oboz shoes for several years now. From the start, I’ve been impressed with the vibe coming out of this small, focused company based out of Bozeman, Montana. Each year I see new features and refinements and each year, at least one shoe in their lineup garners praise from the major media publications.

This year, Oboz introduced the new Flash trail running shoes. These are honestly the truest trail running shoes that Oboz has released to date. The majority of their shoes are of the multi-sport variety… meaning, they are more akin to a cross trainer than a dedicated trail runner or hiker. What that means is they are great shoes for people who do a little of everything, but they honestly haven’t excelled at pure running. That all changes with the Flash.

The Flash hits the middle-of-the-pack on weight so it’s aimed as a training shoe for everyday running. It’s not super-light or racy, but for dedicated trail running duty, I’ve really grown to appreciate these shoes. Unlike some shoes, these did require a couple of runs to fully break-in. Once broken-in though, these shoes perform exceptionally-well. Without question, these are the best trail running shoes Oboz has produced and they would stand up against some of the best trainers on the market as a great option for daily trail duty.

As a flat-footer, I typically have to replace the insoles with something more supportive (like Superfeet or SOLE insoles), but the Oboz BFit insole did that duty just fine. With the extra support and cushioning from the BFit, I had no problems.

On the trail, the Flash provide a wide and low platform for added stability with just the right amount of trail feel. The overall construction of the shoe doesn’t feel bulky or awkward and the cushioning is spot-on for delivering the right balance between comfort and protection. My running has consisted of mostly dry, rocky or loose terrain. The low-profile lugs make for easy, consistent strides, but do leave a bit to be desired when it comes to the really loose and dry stuff. I did lose some traction under those occasions, but most shoes will struggle in that stuff.

The only other negative on the Flash is they do tend to run hot. The uppers could use a little more breathability, in my opinion. There’s a lot of mesh, but it’s still fairly thick stuff.

Good Flash

  • Very capable trail runner… their best yet
  • BFit insoles are the best stock insoles I’ve used
  • The perfect balance of trail feel and cushioning
  • Lower profile design adds to stability and trail feel
  • Provides a smooth stride
  • Comfortable lacing system

Bad Flash

  • Could be just a tad more breathable
  • Low profile treads to lose traction on loose, rocky terrain

Bottom Line: Oboz Flash Trail Running Shoes

The Oboz Flash trail runners have honestly well exceeded my expectations. I was expecting another mountain trainer, but instead I got an excellent all-around trail runner that does well in most conditions. The stride is smooth and the low profile feel keeps you connected to the trails.

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