While Patagonia is more often known for their short shorts, they make a fine pair of long shorts for those of us who prefer a little more coverage. The Rock Craft Shorts are cut longer, but still feature a relatively streamlined fit that’s perfect for all kinds of adventures.

Patagonia Rock Craft Shorts Features:

  • 12-inch inseam length
  • Deluge DWR water-resistant treatment
  • Fabric: 96% nylon and 4% spandex
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Colors: Rock Wall, Alpha Green, Ash Tan (tested)
  • MSRP: $69

Patagonia Rock Craft Shorts Review

The Rock Craft Shorts are Almost Perfect

For casual wear, hiking and all-around use, I prefer a 12-inch inseam short. The trouble is, shorts of that length tend to be hard to come by. I found the Eddie Bauer First Ascent Guide Shorts, and loved them and have found a similar experience with the Patagonia Rock Craft Shorts.

Some may disagree, but my preference in both shorts and pants is anything but cotton. It takes too long to dry and traps heat and moisture inside. The fabric blend of the Rock Craft Shorts is just right — light, breathable and a bit of stretch for times when challenging maneuvers are required.

Patagonia Rock Craft Shorts Review

After several hikes, goofing around at the beach and whatever else I can throw at these shorts, they look and feel great. The DWR treatment keeps splashes at bay and likely plays a part in the stain-resistance to boot. I’ve gotten some stains on the shorts and they have all washed out, so far.

The only negatives I can point out are the grabby hand pocket lining which turns itself inside-out nearly every time I pull my hand out. And, they do tend to shrink a little in the dryer — gotta lay off the high heat, I suppose.

The Good

  • Excellent fit
  • Nice stretch to the fabric
  • No zippers or buttons on rear pockets
  • Single size zipper pocket to secure items
  • Dries quickly
  • Wash up nicely

The Bad

  • Shrink a little when washed/dried
  • Hand pocket liners get pulled out when retrieving items — especially when hands are wet

The Bottom Line: Patagonia Rock Craft Shorts

The Patagonia Rock Craft Shorts are made for rock climbing, but I’m calling them the near-perfect shorts for any outdoor activities — hiking, beachcombing, chasing the kids, etc. If you can find a pair, you’ll likely get a solid deal as they are being cleared out for the end of the season.

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