Polar Bottle is well-known for their insulated bike water bottles. Building off that momentum, Polar Bottle has now introduced a new twist on the old water bottle cap. The Half Twist lid is a sippable cap that can be closed, open an taken apart for easy cleaning. It’s been my primary water bottle now for over a month and I’m liking it.

Polar Bottle Half Twist Stainless Features:

  • 18/8 stainless steel with 28 oz capacity
  • Unique Half Twist lid
  • Removable lanyard for easy carrying
  • MSRP: $23.99

A quick video overview of the Half Twist shows how it all works:

Polar Bottle Half Twist Stainless Water Bottle Review

Water bottle reviews are ofttimes difficult. I mean, it’s a water bottle… it holds water and you drink it. Well, I’ve got a platoon of water bottles under the kitchen sink and the new Half Twist stainless water bottle from Polar Bottle has become my “go-to” water bottle these days.

What’s different about this bottle is the Half Twist cap. This design is a departure from everything on the market. Camelbak’s bottle has a flip-up straw and others just have a simple screw-top cap. With the Half Twist cap, you get the easy drinkability of a straw-like nozzle in a much simpler design.

At first, I didn’t quite understand the whole half twist thing. I did more of a full twist and ended up with water pouring out all over my face and down the front of my shirt. My wife calmly read the instructions and in no time was a raving fan. After realizing that a half twist really means a half twist, I’ve since been impressed with this bottle. I like the flow rate of water and the ability to quickly switch from sealed to open. There’s no sucking or biting, just a perfect pour.

Not only is this bottle easy to drink from, it’s also much simpler and easier to clean than other bottles on the market. With only two pieces, the cap can be disassembled and tossed into the dishwasher for a complete cleaning. Other bottles have small straws and difficult-to-clean nozzles, so the Half Twist wins that battle hands-down.

On occasion, I’ve had a hard time finding that exact “half twist” location. Sometimes it’s more of a 200-degree twist, but once you find it, the flow is perfect. I have also noticed that after cleaning and re-assembling the lid, it does take a complete tightening before backing out to drink mode. Otherwise, it just won’t open for business when you try to take a swig. Just keep that in mind after re-assembly.

Good Half Twist Bottle

  • Excellent waterflow
  • Dual-sided drinking
  • Easy-to-clean, 2-piece lid
  • Lanyard comes in handy while carrying around
  • Easy to open/close on-the-fly

Bad Half Twist Bottle

  • Opening beyond half and drinking could result in a dousing
  • Lanyard can sometimes get in the way of drinking
  • Doesn’t keep water cold as long as I’d like

Bottom Line: Polar Bottle Half Twist Stainless Water Bottle

The innovative Half Twist design delivers a smooth water flow with a quick twist. I also like that the design is simple and easy-to-clean. If you’re looking for an alternative to the status quo, check out the new Half Twist bottles from Polar Bottle.

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