Wicking Cotton? For reals? Well, according to Polarmax and from what I’ve seen thus far, wicking cotton is indeed comfortable, soft and yes, wicking. The secret lies in the mixture of hydrophobic (water-resistant) and hydrophillic (water absorbent) weave in the fabric makeup. Rows of alternating absorbent and resistant threads are woven into the shirt to promote moisture movement and speed the drying process.

While this still doesn’t provide as much of an insulative layer as other fabrics (Merino, Primaloft yarn, etc.), it does show promise when it comes to a comfortable and wicking cotton shirt.

Features of PMX cotton with TransDRY moisture management technology:

  • Patented cotton moisture management technology
  • Reduces cotton’s absorbent capacity and overall drying time
  • Limitless applications in active and casual wear
  • Transfers moisture away from the body or over a wider surface area of fabric
  • Reduces fabric cling to skin during exercise

I’ve long been a cotton-hater, but some synthetic shirts aren’t all that comfortable–wicking cotton could have some promise for warm-weather activities. We’ll see if my cotton-phobia can be transformed after actually using a Polarmax TransDRY shirt. I’ve got one in for testing, so stay tuned.

More Info: Visit CottonInc.com

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