Rokit Fuel Sports Nutrition Cereal Review


I enjoy a good breakfast. Being a breakfast guy, I’ve never understood those who feel they can go without breakfast and still have a decent day. Well, many of those people down a gallon of coffee and the occasional doughnut as their “breakfast”, so the “non-breakfast” actually turns into a junkfood breakfast.

I read a recent study that found those who ate a nutritious breakfast were less likely to be overweight. It attributed it to eating well and starting off the day with the right nutrition. Well, the right nutrition is what Rokit Fuel is aiming for. But, can a healthy mix of grains, fruit and nuts really taste good, or is it like eating birdseed?

About Rokit Fuel Sports Cereal

Rokit Fuel founder, Bernell Taylor, is actually a recovering junk food salesman. After years of schlepping his sugary wares to convenience stores, he faced the fact that he lead a double-life. While his job required that he promote junk food, at home he was an avid health food and exercise nut. With that amazing experience under his belt, Bernell decided it was time to introduce a healthy breakfast alternative for athletes and nutrition-conscious people.

After all that, Bernell has turned things around and has introduced Rokit Fuel in four flavors:

  1. Astro Nut
  2. Peanut Better
  3. Pumpkin Chocolate
  4. X-15

To learn more about these flavors and the ingredients, visit the Nutrition Facts.

Rokit Fuel Sports Cereal Review

I got a couple of packets of Rokit Fuel just before Interbike. The two flavors I received were X-15 and Astro Nut. Knowing I’d be flying into Las Vegas early in the morning, then heading straight for Bootleg Canyon, I thought it perfect to have these little packets along.

Though not the ideal, I poured cold water inside the packet and downed the X-15 in the shuttle bus on the way to the Outdoor Demo. Though it was a little challenging to eat without a spoon, the whole grains and nuts tasted good and filled me up.

I truly felt that the nutrition provided by Rokit Fuel set the table for a good day of riding in the hot Nevada sun. The next day, Astro Nut was on tap and this time I had it warm, which was much better–again, a solid way to start the day.

Good Rokit Fuel

  • Healthy and hearty breakfast cereal
  • X-15 and Astro Nut are great
  • Excellent source of energy

Bad Rokit Fuel

  • Mixing with cold water is an option, but not recommended by me
  • Limited retail distribution so far

The Bottom Line on Rokit Fuel Sports Cereal

If you’re an avid athlete, outdoor enthusiast or health food nut and are looking for a healty breakfast option, give Rokit Fuel a try. It’s full of old-fashioned goodness and sprinkled with modern nutrition to start your day on the right foot and keep you pumping all day long.

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  1. My son was in CA. (now in OR.) doing some prospecting, when he called and said he could use some f-o-o-d because he ran out of $$$. He thinks that he eats just g-r-e-a-t, as far as foods go, but I felt he could do better. So I sent him two boxes (6 packets ea.) of your RokitFuel and told him…”If you don’t like it, bring them home when you come.”
    He called yesterday and told me, “Hey, mom…those RokitFuel packets are out-of-this-world! I really love them!” ….and that came from a 40 year old who typically eats “people-junk-food.” Way to go!

    • Prospecting eh? You mean like panning for gold and stuff? Does he wear a coon-skin hat? 🙂

      That’s great that he digs the RockitFuel… I really enjoyed my samples and think others will also. Thanks for doing your part to keep your kids well-fed!

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