This one is for those “in-between” days: not cold enough for a full jacket, but cool enough to require solid core insulation.  Sugoi’s RS Zero vest is a versatile garment for those kind of outings – either on wheels or on foot – and nice insurance to have if the weather turns harsh out on the trail.

Features of the RS Zero Vest:

  • Firewall 220 material for maximal weather protection
  • MidZero fabric in back for insulation and moisture management
  • Full separating zip with guard
  • Center back zip pocket with 2 adjacent slant pockets
  • Signature hem grip
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective accents
  • MSRP $150
Sugoi RS Zero Vest

Sugoi RS Zero Vest

Sugoi RS Zero Vest Review

On its website, Sugoi categorizes the RS Zero vest with its cycling apparel – an acknowledgment that it is basically an adaptation of the company’s popular RS Zero jacket, an essential piece for many cold-weather riders.  But when you strip the arms off the jacket for more freedom of movement while maintaining the same weather-resistant material construction through the core, you’ve got yourself a vest that trail runners will love as well.

Vest interior: Firewall material in white, MidZero in black, gripper hem with Sugoi logo

The majority of the vest features Firewall 220, a multi-layer fabric that is Sugoi’s top of the line offering for insulation and weather resistance.  Its exterior surface is a soft shell with outstanding water and wind protection, and the inside is a softly-brushed honeycombed finish that feels very comfortable against a baselayer.  The back side of the vest also incorporates Sugoi’s sleek MidZero material, which is highly effective for both insulation and moisture-wicking. MidZero material traps body warmth next to the skin while allowing adequate air flow to prevent overheating – but it is used over a relatively small surface area here, so the RS Zero vest scores much higher for overall insulation than for breathability.

Insulation is further enhanced by the fitted cut of the vest, which prevents pockets of cold air from intruding, as well as a gripper waistband that keeps the hemline in place. Both of these features are generally considered cycling-specific, but have great performance benefits for runners who enjoy a slender profile and top layers that don’t bounce around at high speeds.  The waistband rides low in back to provide coverage when you’re leaning over the handlebars, but it’s not too low to use a waist hydration pack while running.

Rear view: center zip pocket, adjacent elastic side pockets, low hemline

Storage on the RS Zero vest is cycling-style as well, with one center zip pocket and two angled elastic pockets on either side of it, and no front storage areas.  The only noticeable omission is any sort of key clasp on the front or back of the vest.

Good RS Zero

  • Outstanding core weather resistance
  • Fitted cut for enhanced insulation
  • Hem grip keeps vest securely in place

Bad RS Zero

  • Limited breathability, especially in front of vest
  • No front pockets (if that’s your preference)
  • No key clasp

Bottom Line: Sugoi RS Zero Vest

The RS Zero Vest keeps your body warm.  It combines Sugoi’s highest-quality fabrics to ensure optimal core protection in harsh conditions, and its versatile styling can pull double duty for both mountain biking and trail running.  It’s an attractive choice to keep the engine room working comfortably for a variety of early spring/late winter outdoor adventures.

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