Flip-flops never go out of season. Even during the dead of Winter, I still sport them around the house and on quick trips to the grocery store. For that reason, I like my flips to have a little more function and cushion than most. While I’m a huge fan of the Teva Mush sandals, their ultra-squish does wear out quickly and once the treads are worn, they turn into ice skates. Stepping things up a notch in function, comfort and durability, the new Teva Illum sandals are some of the most comfy flip-flops I’ve worn and they have LED headlights to boot.

Teva Illum Sandals Features:

  • Dual, detachable LED pedlamps
  • Spider365 outsole rubber
  • EVA foam of varying densities to cradle, cushion and support
  • Built-in arch supports
  • MSRP: $50

Teva Illum Sandals Review

After a full 6 months of wear, the Illum’s are still hanging tough and providing as much comfort as day one. The improved construction built into the Illum’s can be immediately felt and translates into a long-lasting, comfortable flip. When I first saw the LED light on the top of these sandals, I was really wondering how useful they would be. As it turned out, I actually used the lights more than I thought.

While these surf-inspired sandals were originally built for early morning surfing excursions, I think the real reason for them is to make the midnight bathroom trip a little safer without having to tote along a flashlight. Since there’s no dawn patrol surfing options here in Utah, I’m going to have to say that they do make for great midnight bathroom companions. No stubbed toes and night vision kept intact.

Another time they came in handy was after a late-night family party in search of lost shoes. Everyone was impressed as I quickly scanned the yard and found the lost shoes. Kudos to the Illum’s.

As far as comfort goes, the Illum’s take the squishy comfort of the Mush and make it much more durable with solid traction to boot. I’ve been able to walk around all day in these without so much as a smidgen of discomfort. Three layers of varied-density EVA foam cradles the foot in squishy comfort yet still provides enough density to keep their shape after months of wear. The built-in arch support is great for my flat feet and the overall feel of these sandals does make for some of the best-fitting and most comfortable sandals on the market.

The only negatives I’m seeing are that the inside of the heel area (see above) is getting a little bit ragged and the low-profile toebox does put your toes in harm’s way, so be careful when traipsing around unlit.

Good Illum

  • Very comfortable sandals
  • Can be worn all day on pavement, no problem
  • Footbed comforms to your feet
  • Great traction
  • LED light does come in handy on occasion

Bad Illum

  • The LED light is quite the toy for kids… mine love to turn them on while I’m not looking
  • The inside edges of the footbed are getting a bit ragged
  • Sometimes the outsole can be too grippy on carpet

Bottom Line: Teva Illum Sandals

I’m gonna have to say that these are the most comfortable flip flops I own. While some may scoff at the gimmicky LED pedlight, I think it does come in handy on occasion, but the real star of the show is the comfort of these flips. Your feet will dig them, guaranteed.

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