Ever find yourself stumbling through a dark house at midnight while on a snack mission? Well, those days are over with the new Teva Illum sandals that include a snap-on LED light to light the way. Originally inspired by early-morning surfing dawn patrols where rocky beaches were annihilating toes and feet of surfers, the Teva Illum not only has two LED foot lights, but is also an entirely-new sandal.

I’ve long been a fan of the Teva Mush sandal, but the reality is they only last one season because the foam wears out so quickly. As a result of that and after surveying the market, Teva went back to the proverbial drawing board and have built what they feel is the worlds most advanced and functional sandals.

Features of the Teva Illum Sandals

  • Detachable, waterproof LED Pedlamps
  • Trek Dry strap lining for all-day comfort
  • Spider365 rubber outsole
  • New, durable topsole material
  • MSRP: $60 (leather) and $50 (synthetic) – available May 1

With my flat feet, I get pretty picky when it comes to footwear–especially flip flops. There are only a few flops that work well with my feet, so we’ll have to see how the new Teva Illum sandals stand up. It is a little gimmicky, but I can see these being useful in the right situations, like using the bathroom at night while camping, surfing dawn patrols or wandering around a dark house in search of a midnight snack. How would you use them?

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  1. Early morning surfing dawn patrols? Pleeeeze! Everyone knows these were inspired by a nasty toe stubbing during a late night trip to the campsite vault toilet.

  2. I know, I know… that’s just what they tell me. I was like… OK? But, I think a late-night trip to the loo is really what these will be known for.

    I didn’t hear if they will be making a non-LED version of the sandals for 90% of people who will just want a nice sandal. I’m sure they will offer it sans LED.

  3. Hey James. Jaime from Teva here…thanks for checking in.

    I can honestly say that the inspiration for the illum came from one of our product guys who is an avid surfer. And, while his toe stubbing came from his walks to the point in the early AM; I guarantee there were many midnight toilet stories involved here as well. Since we all know nothing is worse than busting your little pigges on unforgiving terrain, we’re excited to provide a little light to the situation, literally.


  4. These look like ok sandals, and I have many pairs of different tevas, but wouldn’t a headlamp solve this with better light diffusion? I mean, you could even just attach two $2 leds to the sandals with Velcro you already have.

    • Yeah, not so sure how popular they will end up being since you have a valid point on the headlamp. I’ll have to try them and see what may make them better than a headlamp. As far as the sandals go, they are built with a good mix of materials and look to be comfortable but not quite as squishy as the Mush sandal.

  5. I plan to get these for my husband! He love unquie sandals. He has ones with the bottle opener on the bottom (gross if you ask me) and glf ones with a ball marker and tie. (nother manufacture, sure you may know who) anyway. These will be great for his thing for fun flip flops and will be a must on our camping trips!

  6. we saw these this weekend at travel country outdoors in orlando. although a headlamp might give you better light, these would definitely be more of a conversation piece! just like the reef flip flops with the bottle opener, key holder or flask.
    my hubby asked for a pair in brown. 🙂

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