Admittedly, I’m very picky about my footwear and socks. Let me re-emphasize this… my pickiness legendary and well-known to all my friends. Very rarely do the let any of my feet habits go unmentioned–I’ve heard it all.

I can only tolerate the right thickness and type of socks for my activities, but once I’m done running, hiking or biking, the first thing I grab is a nice pair of sandals so my feet can breathe and remain cool and comfortable. For years, my trusted pair of flip-flops has been the Teva Mush Sandals.

Teva Mush Sandals Review

About the Teva Mush Sandals

On the surface, there’s not much to mention about the Mush Sandals. They are a flip-flop (or thong, if you prefer)… plain and simple. But what makes them different from other flips is the squishy foam they are made from. Shock-absorbing and foot-comforming, this foam is a thing of wonder and makes up the upper layer of a dual-density outsole.

Features of the Teva Mush Sandals

  • Dual-density sole with 7mm Soft Mush EVA
  • Available in Men’s, Women’s and Kids
  • Arch support wedge
  • MSRP: $24

Teva Mush Sandals Review

I have purchased a pair of Teva Mush sandals nearly every year for 3-4 years straight. They are my go-to flips for all-day activities, mowing the lawn or post-ride comfort.

When new, the foam material is firm, but all it takes is a week or two of consistent wear and these conform to every little detail of your feet. It’s amazing how well-cradled your feet will feel with these sandals. If I have to choose from any of my sandals, I’d go for the Mush every time.

Not only is the EVA Soft Mush foam squishy, but there’s a built-in arch support wedge that adds to the overall comfort–especially for flat-footers like me.

The only real downside of the Mush sandal is that the material–while soft and cushioning–squishes out and compresses relatively quickly. Once the upper foam squishes out, the lower, denser foam can start to crack and lose its shape entirely. And, by that time, the heelstrike area is typically bald as bald can be–making for some treacherous stepping on wet, slippery surfaces.

Overall, for the low price ($24), the short lifespan of the Mush sandals is still worth it for the season of squishy comfort they provide.

Teva Mush Sandals Review

Good Mush Sandals

  • The pinnacle of sandal comfort
  • Upper foam conforms to every detail of your feet
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive

Bad Mush Sandals

  • Only enough squish for a season of wear – these are one season past that 🙂
  • When the tread is worn, the heelstrike area is very slippery

The Bottom Line: Teva Mush Sandals

When your feet crave soft, cushy comfort, grab a pair of Teva Mush Sandals and relax away. While they wear out after a season, their low price and customized comfort pay you back in spades.

Buy Now: Find Teva Mush Sandals at REI

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  1. I use to like Teva alot, but when I found Chaco, I switched. Chaco has so many more features and is the first flip-flop that has any foot arch support. I think you will like them as much as I do.

    • I agree with you on Chaco’s. I’ve got the Chaco Zong’s and they are great. I do love the support provided by them also. However, the light weight and squishy comfort of the Teva Mush sandals is second-to-none, IMO. I’ve got a pair of Reef sandals that look very similar to the Mush sandals, but they don’t compare… squishy-ness isn’t in the same league.

      As far as Teva’s true sandals go, I haven’t had a pair in a long time, so I can’t say, but you’re spot-on with Chaco’s for that purpose.

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  3. I am also picky/fussy about my footwear. I like soft smooshy thongs and sandals too. This is not the first time Teva’s been too quick-to-market with materials that FEEL GREAT but don’t last for long. Years ago, I think the Teva “Response” (or Contour?) sandals were really wide and smooshy, but the soles cracked and turned into chewing-gum after a while, even if in the closet unused.

    “Tiddies” makes interesting sandals with triple thick soft smooshy soles and funky rubber straps. The slippery smooth Floatie SuperSugar thongs were fun but I’m unsure any stores sell them anymore.

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