Are you in the market for a new Timex altimeter, thermometer or compass watch? Well, we no longer sell Timex watches, but could suggest several others that are better looking, more durable and much more reliable in the real-world.

HighGear Alterra Altimeter Watch

HighGear is a great option for those looking for tons of features, but a small price. Priced at $159, the Alterra is packed with an altimeter, barometer, thermometer, compass and all the standard watch features you would expect.

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Polar AXN 300 Altimeter Watch

The Polar AXN series combines all the altimeter functionality you’re looking for, plus one of the most advanced heart rate monitors on the market. Polar has training dialed, so when it comes to getting in shape outdoors, the AXN 300 has you covered. Check out our Polar AXN 300 review.

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Suunto Core Altimeter Watch

The new Suunto Core altimeter watch is tops in the market for ease of use and good looks. Suunto has always lead the pack on their intuitive menu structure, but the Core takes that to the next level with super-intuitive menu structure and natural language menus. This watch is awesome looking and will fit in on a business trip, or on a mountain top.

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