A durable pair of hiking pants is always a necessity when traveling in the backcountry. In my mind, cotton will always be taboo for real outdoor adventures and the Triple Aught Design Amphibious Cargo Pants are just the ticket for camping and backpacking.

TAD Amphibious Cargo Pants Features:

  • 100% nylon with DWR finish
  • Knee reinforcement pockets
  • Storage pockets galore
  • Standard fit with straight legs
  • MSRP: $99

Triple Aught Design Amphibious Pants Review

My Experience

Perfect fabric. Pockets galore. Well, that about sums it up. Want more details? Alright, it’s time to dive in. Triple Aught Design has been around since 1997 — making highly-functional outdoor clothing for those looking for form and function. The Amphibious Cargo Pants are one of their signature pieces that is always on the verge of selling out with every shipment they receive.

It’s hard to peg the Amphibious Cargo Pants down to one purpose. Are they great for backpacking? Yup. How about climbing? Yup. Now how about Saturday morning yardwork? Yup. No doubt the TAD Amphib’s are about as versatile as it gets.

Triple Aught Design Amphibious Pants Review

I’ve primarily used these for camping and I can appreciate the plentiful pockets and loops for stashing small flashlights, matches, utensils, toiletries and a smart phone. Each pocket has sub-pockets to keep your items secure without fear of stuff flying out. Most of the time this was a great feature, but sometimes I found myself digging through endless layers of pockets and sub-pockets to find something.

The fabric has held up well to daily abuse and is comfortable next-to-skin. The fit is comfortable without being baggy. I’d call the cut “efficient” as it offers just the right amount of room with a slight amount of flex. So, even though there are a plethora of pockets, you won’t be snagging them on everything. I felt I had a great extended range-of-motion for all activities and was able to wear the size 32’s without a belt and they stayed put (I’m not a fan of wearing belts). All seams are triple-stitched for extra durability in the field.

Triple Aught Design Amphibious Cargo Pants - Pockets

While I didn’t push these to their extreme limits, they are built to be taken into wet situations (rainforests, river crossings, etc.) and come out dry in a jiffy. Each pocket drains well and the fabric is made to dry in a flash.

The Good:

  • Pockets galore
  • Excellent cut for just the right freedom-of-movement
  • Versatility of a Swiss army knife
  • Excellent in warm to cool weather
  • Kneepad slots for extra durability

The Bad:

  • Accessing the pockets can be challenging
  • Not sure about the removable glow-in-the-dark logo patch

The Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a versatile pair of pants for hiking or other outdoor adventures, the Amphibious Cargo pants will deliver. The lightweight material is comfortable in warm weather and dries in a jiffy. And, the overall package is durable and versatile for whatever adventure you can throw their way.

Buy Now: Available at  TripleAughtDesign.com 

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