Having your own Win Tunnel has advantages. Specialized engineers can tinker on a whim, but something tells me that the new Venge Pro was more than tinkering. With the Venge VIAS relegated primarily to professional teams, Specialized has launched its replacement and it’s disc only (something that sank the VIAS) and the brand’s fastest road bike yet.

There is a bit of a pattern here with the Cannondale SystemSix, new BMC aero road bike and others coming online in time for the 2018 Tour de France.

2019 Specialized Venge Pro

The 2019 Specialized Venge Pro has already won several races and looks to win more at the 2018 Tour de France.

After painstaking development and countless hours of CFD work, rapid prototyping and wind tunnel testing, the Venge Pro went through extensive professional service prior to its official unveiling. Numerous riders have piloted the new Venge Pro to wins already — including Peter Sagan’s 2018 Slovakian Road Championship win.

Specialized has reduced weight and increased the aerodynamics of the Venge while maintaining the characteristics that professional riders demand. The level of integration is beyond anything Specialized has done previously and, of course it utilizes Rider-First Engineering to deliver size-specific performance.

Available as the single S-Works trim for now and coming in at a hefty $12,500, the 2019 Specialized Venge Pro isn’t for the masses — yet. Hopefully we will see more reachable models in the near future.

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