When the Bontrager RL Fusion GelFoam gloves arrived, I immediately put them to good use. Not that my current gloves were ready to be replaced, but I was looking for any extra comfort I could get as I was heading into my second century ride of the Summer.

Bontrager RL Fusion GelFoam Gloves Features

  • inForm Science of Comfort design reduces pressure on the ulnar nerve, helping to eliminate hand discomfort and numbness
  • Strategically positioned Zone Density GelFoam puts the right amount of padding and support right where you need it
  • Three-piece articulated palm with venting provides an ergonomic fit
  • Microfiber nose wipe for convenient moisture management
  • Adjustable wrist closure for a custom fit
  • Off-set seam between index finger and thumb helps eliminate abrasion when riding on the hoods
  • Fast-dry fabric in the fourchettes helps keep hands cool and comfortable
  • MSRP: $34.99

Bontrager RL Fusion GelFoam Gloves Review

I know I’m not the only cyclist who experiences numb hands during long rides. No matter what I do, it still happens. But, I have noticed that when I use the right bars and gloves, that numbness is significantly reduced. As I’ve gone through a variety of bars this year, the RL Fusion’s are only my second pair of gloves and have made a huge difference in ride comfort.

They arrived just days prior to my second century ride (Utah ULCER) of the Summer. Just one quick 20 mile ride and off I went for 103 miles in the RL Fusion’s. As I danced around my bars throughout the ride, my overall hand comfort was fantastic. Not only did I have excellent grip, but numbness was minimized. The ULCER course is extremely flat, so my hands were pretty much in the same positions throughout the ride yet numbness remained at bay.

What makes these gloves tick is the strategically-placed palm padding that reduces pressure on the sensitive ulnar nerve. While some gloves just add more palm padding, the RL Fusion’s don’t have extra-thick padding, it’s just strategically-placed.

Aside from the GelFoam padding, the RL Fusion’s breathe extremely well — especially during long rides in sweltering heat. And, the fabrics feel soft next-to-skin. The single Velcro tab cinches the gloves for a snug fit.

The Good

  • Palm padding does significantly reduce hand discomfort
  • Breathable in Africa-hot conditions
  • Provides excellent grip and road feel
  • Quality fabrics still look great

The Bad

  • Might be too thick for some riders

The Bottom Line: Bontrager RL Fusion

If you’ve been suffering numbness or hand discomfort on long rides, the Bontrager RL Fusion GelFoam gloves may cure your ills. They offer a notable improvement in comfort while maintaining an excellent road feel. I think I’ll have to pick up the full-finger RL Fusion’s for cold-weather riding.

Buy Now: Visit Bontrager.com or your local Trek dealer

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