With a variety of shoe covers and booties at my disposal, it’s always nice to settle into a single pair that covers the sweet spot of cold-weather riding conditions. That pair has consistently been the Bontrager RXL Stormshell Shoe Covers.

Bontrager RXL Stormshell Shoe Covers Features:

  • When the temps hover just above freezing, lean on these road cycling shoe covers to keep you warm and dry
  • Profila fleece-backed Stormshell fabric is taped for waterproof protection from cool and wet conditions
  • Waterproof YKK zipper for reliability and easy on/off
  • Velcro tab at ankle secures top opening
  • Road-specific bottom construction for great warmth and durability
  • Reflective elements enhance visibility for maximum safety anytime
  • Colors: Black or Hi-Vis Yellow (tested)
  • MSRP: $54.99

Bontrager RSL Stormshell Shoe Covers Review

Can You Spot the RXL Stormshell Shoe Covers?

While most clothing manufacturers are still producing the same mixture of black colors for everything, Bontrager has been focusing on hi-vis colors. Adding in a splash of moving color in the form of the RXL Shormshell Shoe Covers, is a perfect way to increase visibility throughout the day. Made of fleece-lined stormshell fabric and built for real-world use, the RXL’s continue to perform at a very high level.

Lets talk about the elements and how well these shoe covers perform. As mentioned, they do cover the sweet spot of cold-weather conditions. For me, that typically involves temperatures between 35-50 degrees. Mostly dry, but with an occasional rainstorm mixed in there. That’s right where the Stormshell’s shine. One long ride in the rain revealed that these are best termed as “water resistant”, but subsequent brief rain showers were kept at bay.

Bontrager RXL Stormshell Shoe Covers Review

Even though temperatures are cold, my feet still tend to sweat a lot. The nature of the Stormshell fabric is such that it provides excellent breathability. My feet were never wet from the inside, which is not something that can be said for all shoe covers or booties.

Visibility is front-of-mind with all cyclists and while it may not be reasonable to replace everything in one shot with high-vis colors, it’s reasonable to purchase a set of the RXL Stormshell’s in hi-vis yellow as a start. Circulating bright yellow feet are sure to catch the eye of motorists. Every little bit helps.

Slipping these shoe covers on is super easy. I love the road-specific rubber sole as it provides extra protection against cleats and road debris. The openings are cut perfectly for my Speedplay cleats and slip over them with ease. Additionally, the zipper is easy to zip up or down and the low-profile Velcro tab is perfect for additional weather proofing. When it comes time to take them off, it is equally simple.

Testing the Bontrager RXL Stormshell Shoe Covers

Durability seems good thus far. After several months of use, they only show a few signs of scuffing and all seams are holding strong with no signs of premature wear.

The Good

  • Excellent coverage
  • Mixture of softshell and rubber for extra durability
  • Comfortable next-to-skin when worn with knickers
  • Easy on/off
  • Love the high-vis yellow color
  • Zipper location is perfect for comfort

The Bad

  • Material gets saturated in steady rain

Bottom Line: RXL Stormshell Shoe Covers

In everything but driving rain, the RXL Stormshell Shoe Covers have performed extremely-well. Breathability is superb with easy on/off privileges and solid, durable construction. Be seen in the hi-vis yellow.

Buy Now: Available on Bontrager.com

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