A diluvio, eh? Meaning, the great flood of Noah? Castelli is putting a lot of trust in the Diluvio Shoe Covers to name them after that catastrophic event thousands of years ago.

Castelli Diluvio All-Road Shoe Cover Features:

  • 100% neoprene (3mm), the ideal insulation to keep your feet warm and dry
  • Opening at bottom works with either road or MTB shoes
  • O-ring construction at top opening, for added protection from wet weather.
  • 16cm cuff reflective detailing on back
  • MSRP: $64.95

Castelli Diluvio All-Road Shoe Covers Review

Built to Withstand “El Diluvio”

In my book, when you name someting after “The Great Flood”, it had better live up to its name. The Castelli Diluvio All-Road Shoe Covers have kept me warm and dry during the coldest rides of the winter. Using neoprene, the All-Road’s provide weather protection with extra insulation.

Slipping these on are about the easiest of any shoe covers I’ve tested. The neoprene stretches and morphs without snagging on anything. The pop right into place with the proper openings for Speedplay cleats and the heels of my Specialized S-Works Road shoes. Even with the thick neoprene, I could still dial the BOA lacing system (love the BOA).

Castelli Diluvio All-Road Shoe Cover - Side and Back Views

There’s no way getting around just how thick this neoprene is. The material feels substantial and provides a glove-like fit with instant warmth. Zipping up the back is a little more difficult than I’d prefer. I’ve been wearing these exclusively with the Bontrager RXL Softshell Bib Tights and the zipper requires a little bit of finagling to get pulled up. I have narrow ankles, so it’s not my physique. I found I had to two-hand the zipper — one hand on the pull and the other bringing the two sides together.

Another note on the zipper. I much prefer the side zipper placement of the Bontrager RXL Stormshell shoe covers. Placement on the back does end up being something you can feel with every pedal stroke. This is due to the combination of the waterproof zipper and extra thickness required for the zipper garage flap. This becomes even more pronounced should your bib tights also have a back-facing zipper.

When it comes to weather protection, the Diluvio All-Road shoe covers are some of the best. The thick neoprene provides stellar warmth and a nearly-impenetrable weather barrier. They are so warm, in fact, that I only wore them on the coldest of days (30-35 degrees). The downside of all that warmth and weather protection is a lack of breathability. After long rides, my feet would be damp from the inside — still warm, but damp.

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The outer fabric shows no signs of wear and these are just as easy to take off as they are to put on. My shoe size is 43.5 and I opted for the L/XL. With the adjustable open sole, these can be opened or tightened simply by adjusting the Velcro strap directly under the arch.

The Good

  • Very weather proof
  • Nice and warm — well beyond the 37 degree stated temp
  • Easy on/off
  • Very durable with no signs of wear
  • Walkable without damaging the cover

The Bad

  • Back zipper is hard to close
  • Zipper garage adds to bulk and is noticeable while riding
  • Not very breathable

The Bottom Line: Castelli Diluvio Shoe Covers

I’d pit the Diluvio All-Road shoe covers against the harshest of conditions. Warmth and weather protection is there in spades — at the expense of breathability. When it’s cold and nasty out, these are the best choice.

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