Riding in the Winter can be a great experience with the right gear. This year, I’ve been testing a handful of cold-weather riding gear from Castelli. This time it’s the Sorpasso Bibtights and I’m ready to spread the word on how they’ve performed.

Castelli Sorpasso Bibtight Features:

  • Thermoflex and Thermoflex Core Due fabric
  • Progetto X2 seat pad for maximum comfort
  • Giro++ straps on bib
  • Giro++ ankle grippers position the tight and seal around shoecover
  • Metallic ankle zippers with reflective ta pe for high visibility
  • Rated Temp Range: 39-59 degrees
  • MSRP: $179.95

Castelli Sorpasso Bibs Review

This year has been great for road riding. Even more so, this Fall has been outstanding. Yeah, it’s been chilly finally, but it’s been dry. As such, I’ve been riding strong well into December and now January (not typical for Utah). This weather has been the perfect testing grounds for Castelli’s Sorpasso Bibs.

Seeing as these were my first pair of Castelli bibs, I was initially worried about the “legendary” race fit. I was guided to the size Large and my 5’11” and 175 lb. frame fit into them perfectly. The overall fit is just right for me. Pulling these on does take a little bit of a multi-step approach. I’ve found that it’s best to pull them up into position over the knees, then stand up and pull them up slowly. A few side-to-sides and leg stretches later and you’ve got the ultra-comfy bibs in place.

Something notable about the Sorpasso’s is the unique strap design. The thin straps have a unique, grippy material on the inside that keeps them in place without being too sticky against your skin. It’s a departure from the typical bib straps I’ve worn with other shorts. The way the uppers are made, the frontside ends a little abruptly and digs into your stomach under certain circumstances — really the Sorpasso’s only notable flaw.

Castelli Sorpasso Bib Tights Review

Riding in cold weather down to 30-degrees, the Sorpasso’s keep my legs warm and cozy. I love the fleece-backed Thermoflex and Thermoflex Core Due panels that offer wind protection to keep out the bite of the cold. Only on extended descents near 30-degrees do these start to show their limits as the wind starts to chill the man area a little more than I’d like.

While these will start to get too chilly below 30-degrees, I rode these mountain biking in 16-degree temperatures and they were awesome when worn under the Sugoi Gustov MTB shorts. So, if you have the need to ride in the cold, slap a good pair of baggy shorts on top and the added protection will keep you comfortable.

On the flipside, when ascending long climbs and working hard, the Sorpasso’s breathe very well without ever feeling too hot all the way up into the upper 40’s and 50’s. And, the Progetto X2 seat pad stays comfortable in the saddle without ever feeling too bulky or cumbersome. It’s very well-designed to keep your sensitive bits comfortable.

Good Sorpasso

  • Fits true-to-size
  • Chamois is comfortable on long rides
  • Love the bib straps… very minimalistic, but they work great
  • Lightly-lined legs keep things cozy
  • Thermoflex fabrics offer excellent wind protection
  • The multi-panel design contours the body well
  • You get what you pay for… these are worth the price of admission

Bad Sorpasso

  • The top of the frontside of the bib can push into your stomach just a tad (or maybe I need to lose my Winterweight)
  • Below 30-degrees, you’re gonna get a little bit of a chill

Bottom Line: Castelli Sorpasso Bibtights

With the extended cold, but dry weather this Winter, the Castelli Sorpasso Bibtights have been the perfect riding companion on my regular rides. I’ve loved the fleece-lined legs and wind protection provided by the Sorpasso’s. The unique strap design keeps things in place and the overall fit is as good as can be.

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