After releasing several women’s-specific models, Ergon’s engineers have launched two new men’s-specific saddles for road and mountain biking. The Ergon SR Comp Men’s saddle is their new entry-level road saddle that’s packed with features and optimized for comfort.

Ergon SR Comp Men Saddle Features:

  • OrthoCell relief inlays
  • Falling Relief Channel, optimized for men
  • Road-specific design
  • Nylon composite shell
  • Microfiber cover with TiNox rails
  • Rear mount compatible for bags, cameras or lights
  • Dimensions: 26.5mm long x 15.5mm wide
  • Weight: 265 grams (Medium/Large, actual)
  • MSRP: $99.95
Ergon SR Comp Men Saddle Review

TiNox rails and a comfortable shape make the SR Comp Men a winner.

SR Comp is easy on the wallet and backside

Finding that right saddle can literally be a painfully numb process. Sometimes, the results are painful, sometimes the results are numb and other times they are a bit of both. Nothing is more unsettling than having your nether-regions go numb on a long ride. We’ve all been there and Ergon is aiming to eliminate that with this new saddle.

As with many new saddles, the SR Comp is shorter than a “traditional” saddle. I say that with quotes because more and more saddles are of the shorter variety these days, like the PRO Stealth, Specialized Power Expert and Bontrager Aeolus Elite. The benefits are plentiful with a locked-in power position and wider nose to go along with a large cutout to maintain blood flow.

As with all saddles, getting the proper width is key. An easy way to size yourself up is to sit down on your second step onto a piece of cardboard or aluminum foil, then measure the center distance of your sit bone divots. My actual measurement is 120mm, which puts me at the low end of the M/L saddle, but experience has taught me to size up with confidence. Extensive ride time has confirmed a Goldilocks fit.

Ergon SR Comp Men Saddle Review

Relief channel with comfort foam and OrthoCell pads makes for a great ride.

I’ve had the SR Comp Men aboard the 2019 Trek Emonda SLR Disc. Thanks to the standard TiNox rails, mounting it up was a breeze. I simply set it on top of the Fabric Scoop Shallow I had on there and positioned it accordingly. Since it’s about 1.5mm shorter, I didn’t just line up the nose, but the flare of the saddle.

While the SR Comp is Ergon’s entry-level trim, you wouldn’t know it from looks or performance. The microfiber cover and overall construction quality is superb. Mated with a variety of bib shorts and chamois, the SR Comp’s cover works quite well. Notably, the subtle, angled lines help keep my backside in the right position. In fact, more than any other saddle, I can stand up and sit down in the perfect position every time. The shape of the saddle and the cover work in concert to get me right into the sweet spot.

With a wide-ish nose, the SR Comp does well on long, aggressive efforts in the drops too. I can really sit in a variety of positions (tops, hoods or drops) while maintaining comfort and power without any numbness whatsoever. You read that right… no numbness. Spectacular. If you’re looking for the mountain biking equivalent of this one, check out the Ergon SM Comp.

After over 1000 miles aboard this saddle, I’m sold. It’s been my saddle of choice on several road bikes and ultimately the Open UPPER for gravel, road and everything in-between.

The Good

  • Standard, TiNox rails are mounted in a jiffy
  • Excellent price point
  • Superb construction
  • Numb-free comfort
  • Instantly locks you into power position

The Bad

  • A bit heavy (lighter models are available)

The Bottom Line: Ergon SR Comp Men

While saddles are understandably personal, the Ergon SR Comp Men saddle has quickly become one of my favorite saddles. It remains comfortable in all riding positions and instantly locks you into the sweet spot for optimal pedaling power. And, even during long stints in the saddle, blood flow has continued without even a hit of numbness.

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In Summary

9.4 Great Comfort

The SR Comp Men has a locked-and-loaded feel to it. After standing efforts, I always sit right down into the perfect power position and have pedaled for miles without even a tinge of numbness. Ergon's renowned R&D has paid off here and I'm really digging this new saddle.

  • Comfort 9
  • Durability 9
  • Fit 10
  • Aesthetics 9
  • Installation 10

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  1. Great review as always! I actually had the original Ergon MTB saddle, which looked great on paper, but never got a long with it. It looks Ergon revamped the saddle at least aesthetically. Do you know by chance how this saddle compares to the original? or at least if the new saddle is a redesign?

    • Thanks for your comment. I haven’t used the original Ergon MTB saddle, but did spend some time on their old SR3 saddle and liked it overall. These new designs SR and SM are completely different in every way. As you read, the SR is great and I’m now putting miles on the SM.

      Saddles are very personal, but these new Ergon’s are really nice.

  2. Hi Jason,

    I see that you reviewed both SM and SR Ergon saddle. Just curious, which version would you recommend for Gravel bike?

  3. Such an incredible bike, right? I’ve ridden a ton of bikes and the UPPER is easily my favorite of them all because it does everything so darn well. You could nit-pick about a few little things, but as a true one-bike-quiver, it’s as good as it gets.

  4. Hands down the best bike that I have ever ridden! Currently, running 700C/40c wheels and just amazed how smooth the bike rides in just about all gravel conditions. I look forward to trying 650b in the future, but loving this setup at the moment.

  5. Great recommendation and really loving this saddle!

    Quick question regarding setup. The paper instructions included indicate leveling the saddle from the front 1/3 of saddle which leaves a very generous whale tale. Did you dial in your saddle starting from that point?

  6. I leveled it as I do all saddles — from the top of the nose to the top of the tail. I then adjusted it slightly after a couple of rides. It may be a little nose-down (1-2 degrees). Instructions… who reads those? 🙂

  7. Ha! I never read directions… but this little pamphlet rolled out and for some reason caught my interest… Yes, I typically follow the same rules for saddle leveling but thought I would double check.

  8. Ha! I never read directions… but this little pamphlet rolled out and for some reason caught my interest… Yes, I typically follow the same rules for saddle leveling but thought I would double-check.

  9. I was about to give up on finding a saddle I could get along with on 60 plus mile gravel rides. 6 months ago I thought id try one more saddle and ordered the SR Pro. I mounted it to my Niner RLT 9, which stays on the trainer, at minus 1 degree and started a workout. Immediately I knew this saddle was different than all the others I’ve tried.
    Next ride was 40 miles of gravel on the Niner RLT 9. No problems.
    After a couple more rides I knew this saddle was for me and ordered the SR Pro Carbon for my Allied Able. I have a 85 mile gravel race with the SR Pro Carbon this spring with no issues.
    I’m so happy to be out of the saddle market.

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