With epic road riding conditions through January, I was able to put in more miles this Winter than ever before. While bummed about the dreary snow conditions in Utah, the upside has been ample time to test out some great Winter cycling products. I was introduced to the Funkier brand a few months back and have had the opportunity to test their budget-friendly Microfleece Long Bib Pants.

Funkier Men’s Microfleece Bib Pants Features:

  • Breathable microfleece-lined Lycra with antimicrobial treatment
  • Quick dry fabric treatment
  • B7 chamois
  • Full-zippered front for easy on/off
  • Zippered leg cuffs with stirrups
  • MSRP: $89.95

Funkier Microfleece Winter Bibs Review

Riding in cold temperatures requires the right gear from head-to-toe. Cruising along at 20 mph, the effective wind chill can bite to the core. While the snow hasn’t been falling as consistently as it typically does in Utah, it has continued cold and has been the perfect proving ground for a variety of cold-weather riding gear.

A few months ago, the US distributor of Funkier reached out and introduced the brand to me. With a strong worldwide presence, the Israeli company is making some great products. Particularly, the Men’s Microfleece Long Bibs have a lot to offer for their $89 pricetag, so I was anxious to get them out on the road.

After receiving these bibs, the weather continued dry, but cold — perfect testing grounds for these bibs. With temperatures hovering near 30-degrees, I got out and put some miles on these. Lets start with the fit.

I received the size Large, which feels about perfect for my size (5’11” and 175 lbs). What I really like about these bibs is the ease of entry/exit. The full-length chest zip eliminates the typical wiggling maneuvers required for Winter bibs. The brushed microfleece backing also adds extra warmth and comfort throughout. The design also reduces the dependency on the shoulder straps and carries most of the fit through the torso. It’s worth stating the obvious, but the full-length zipper is awesome for using the restroom without completely disrobing — very nice.

Continuing with the initial fit… the stirrups are a bit of a bother. I could never get them to sit absolutely flat inside my shoes — mo matter how hard I tried. I’m tempted to cut them off as they seem unnecessary. Other than that, the overall fit is perfectly-snug where needed, provides the necessary support and is flexible in the right locations.

With the affordability, you do get some fit compromises though. To hit that price, there are fewer panels in the design, so while the fit and function is certainly acceptable, spending more money on more panels will most definitely provide an even better overall fit.

While riding in cold temperatures, I appreciated the soft-to-skin microfleece. It kept me warm and cozy at normal speeds and while climbing and provided excellent breathability. That extra breathability kept temperatures under control, but left me exposed when descending. Once up to speed, these bibs go from warm and comfortable to a little chilly. I’d suggest at least a couple of wind-blocking panels be added to the design, but again… at this price, a little cold air penetration is expected.

Good Funkier Microfleece Bibs:

  • Excellent pricepoint
  • Love the full zipper on the uppers for ease-of-use
  • Microfleece lining is soft, comfortable next-to-skin
  • Uppers provide a comfortable overall fit

Bad Funkier Microfleece Bibs:

  • Pitch the stirrups
  • Wind penetration on cold descents
  • Chamois is acceptable, but not the best out there

Bottom Line: Funkier Microfleece Long Bib Pants

My first experience with Funkier has been promising as the Microfleece Long Bibs have provided a lot of bang-for-the-buck. At this pricepoint, you don’t get laminated windproof barriers, but you do get a great-fitting pair of long bibs that makes the grade.

Buy Now: Visit FunkierBike.com


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