It had been a few years since I last purchased a road bike helmet. When its styling and pads started to lose their way, I was glad to get Giro’s ultralight flagship Aeon Helmet in the mix for testing. After hundreds of miles, this helmet continues to shine.

Giro Aeon Helmet Features:

  • Use For: Road Race, Triathlon, MTB XC Race, Cyclocross, Track Race, Enthusiast Road
  • Features:¬†Thermoformed SL Roll Cage reinforcement, X-static padding, Roc Loc 5 fit system, Slimline webbing
  • Construction: EPS liner, Thermoformed SL Roll Cage reinforcement, Polycarbonate shel
  • Ventilation: 24 Wind Tunnel vents with internal channeling
  • Weight: 222 grams
  • MSRP: $250

Giro Aeon Helmet Review

Slipping into the Giro Aeon was akin to slipping on my favorite t-shirt. The thing is… it was a brand new helmet, fresh out of the box and man is this thing comfy. Granted, helmets are quite personal. If you’re noggin isn’t Giro-shaped, you might disagree, but holy smokes is the Aeon lid comfortable.

Huge vents are the calling card of the Aeon. With my shaved head, the vents make it feel like I’ve got built-in A/C. In Summer heat, all that ventilation is welcomed. Not once did I feel like the helmet was causing me to overheat (I’ve ridden in 95+ degree temps, down to 50 degrees). Every time I saw riders climbing up my favorite ascents sans helmet (attached to their bars or something), I kept thinking to myself that if they had the Aeon, they wouldn’t leave themselves unprotected — even on an ascent. The thing is, a fall at 5mph without a helmet could leave a dent, so helmet up!

Adding to the comfort of the Aeon is the straps. Unlike most helmet straps, those found on the Aeon are thinner and much more flexible (even after becoming saturated with salty, dried sweat). The result is a much more comfortable strap that never feels inhibiting or stiff. The only downside to these lighter-weight straps is if the ends get loose from the rubber holder, they do flap like crazy in the wind — it only took one time to learn.

The Roc Loc 5 Fit System is as good as you can get on the market. Nearly every major helmet manufacturer has its own version of the dial-your-fit knob. This one is particularly nice in the way it functions. A simple twist and you’re good to go in head-cradling comfort. Not only does it add to comfort, but it is a safety factor as well since it will stay in place better should you go down. As far as protection and comfort goes, the Aeon has been proven on the world’s best athletes in the biggest cycling stages, so I know I’m getting the best helmet on the market and will trust that if I do take a fall, my precious noggin will be protected.

Ok… let me continue to gush over the Aeon. This time, it’s the featherweight design. The entire package is remarkably lightweight — especially considering the protection it provides. At only 222 grams, you’ll be hard-pressed to find this much protection in such a lightweight package.

As far as styling goes, it’s always personal, but the Aeon looks sharp and could be worn for mountain biking as well if you’re a lycra-wearing XC racer-type that shaves every gram.

Long-term Update: (8/24/2013) I still use this helmet almost every day and it has held up well. The only negative at this point is that the RocLoc dial has detatched from the two “wings”. It still fits and adjusts perfectly fine, but what was once a single, unified piece is now three separate ones.¬†

The Good

  • Freakishly lightweight design, yet protective
  • RocLoc 5 dial is super-slick… it’s a shame you only use it once (unless you change your hairdo)
  • Thin straps are super-comfortable and soft
  • Feels like you’ve got an air conditioner on your head
  • Excellent styling
  • Many color options

The Bad

  • $250 isn’t cheap, but this is the best of the best of the best, sir
  • Strap ends can flap in the wind if left out

Bottom Line: Giro Aeon Helmet

The Giro Aeon helmet offers killer comfort, styling and protection in an ultralight package. Breathability is off-the-charts good and the lightweight design and supple straps make this helmet a joy to wear for 10, 20 or 100 miles. This top-of-the-line road lid will certainly not disappoint.

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