To keep riding in the up-and-down weather conditions of the shoulder season, it’s key to arm yourself with all the varieties of leg/arm protection. An economical way to extend the wearability of your existing bibs is to get some leg warmers like the Hincapie Arenberg’s.

Hincapie Arenberg Leg Warmers Features:

  • Soft, supple BodE Thermal Loft elastic knit fabric insulates and wicks moisture away from the body
  • The fleeced-lined HyperOptic Roubaix™ fabric provides superior visibility on the roads while maintaining a flexible, comfortable, conforming fit
  • Soft gripper elastic with Slip-Not™ 2-sided silicone gripper at top openings keep warmers in place on the body and in contact with shorts
  • Ergonomic pattern with articulated knees fits the body in ride position
  • Soft Hincapie Gel-Gripper™ leg opening  with auto-locking zippered leg opening
  • Available in black or white
  • Price: $50

Hincapie Arenberg Leg Warmers Review

Wear ’em or stuff ’em in your jersey

Cold-weather riding can be a mixed bag — especially depending on where you call home. Here in Utah, the transition to winter-weight tights has already happened. But, before that I extended the usability of my summer-weight bibs by donning the Hincapie Arenberg Leg Warmers.

Sure, leg warmers are pretty simple but good ones are worth their weight in gold. With the knees otherwise taking the brunt of the cold, there’s no disputing their value. And, it’s great to extend the shelf life of those beloved summer bibs without committing serious coin to winter-weight bib tights. At $50, these are affordable and are indispensable for road, cyclocross or MTB use.

The fleece-lined Arenberg’s are immediately comfortable with an extra dose of warmth. The mild articulation helps maintain a proper on-bike fit, but could be a little better as the fabric does bunch up behind the knees more than I’d prefer. Having the inner and outer Gel-Gripper upper leg openings kept these in place and movement-free throughout every ride. No creeping or movement whatsoever.

As a tip for putting these on, I’d roll the tops over once so you don’t have to fight the grippy gel. Once at the right position, simply unroll the cuff and you’re golden. The same goes for removal.

At the ankle, the small, auto-locking zipper made for easy on/off, but sits right at the Achilles and did prove slightly noticeable with every pedal stroke. I much prefer angled side zips for a less intrusive feel.

Wind and water penetration is certainly reduced significantly with the Arenberg’s, but they don’t feature wind blocking or water-resistant material — you’ll still get some penetration, so keep that in mind if you intend to wear these in biting cold or rain. I’d put the sweet spot for these in the 50-degree range with the ability to stretch down into the lower 40’s in a pinch — depending on the speed and tempo of the ride.

Sizing: I’m 5’11” and have a 32″ inseam. The size Medium Arenberg warmers cover me from my ankles to about 3 inches below the groin area. Meaning… they offer near full-leg coverage.

The Good

  • Easy on/off
  • Extends the longevity of summer bibs
  • Stays put on long efforts
  • Easily packed, “just in case”
  • Wide reflective band is a plus
  • Near full-leg coverage

The Bad

  • I’d rather see an angled side zipper — especially if worn with shoe covers that have a centered zipper
  • Could use more knee articulation

The Bottom Line: Hincapie Arenberg Leg Warmers

Pack these along with ease as a “just in case” layer or get kitted up from the start — either way, these are a great set of leg warmers. The dual-sided grippy uppers keep things in place and the fleece-backed material is oh-so-comfortable.

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