The entire Hincapie Ghisallo Collection is spot-on for cold weather riding. The versatility of the kit is superb and I’m digging on the old-school block patterns. Digging deeper, it’s apparent that each piece was well-crafted for tackling a variety of weather conditions. I’m tackling both the Ghisallo LS Jersey and Ghisallo Vest together since they are perfect pairs.

Hincapie Ghisallo LS Jersey Features:

  • Soft, supple QuadroHot fabric insulates from the cold
  • Brushed inner layer of fast-drying, hollow-core fibers wicks moisture away from the skin
  • Hincapie Gel-Gripper™ elastic hem keeps jersey in place
  • Reflective strips on sleeves for enhanced visibility
  • Three rear pockets
  • MSRP: $120

Hincapie Ghisallo Vest Features:

  • Winter weight, fleeced-lined BodE Thermal Heat™ stretch knit fabric
  • Excellent moisture wicking and unsurpassed insulation
  • 2-way front zipper
  • 3 roomy back pockets
  • Reflective trim on back pockets
  • MSRP: $130

Hincapie Ghisallo LS Jersey and Vest Review

Ghisallo Jersey Meets Cold Utah Mornings

Paired with the Hincapie Ghisallo Bib Knickers or the Castelli NanoFlex Knickers, the all-new Ghisallo LS Jersey and vest have been extremely versatile. Lets start out with the jersey. It’s built with a brushed interior that feels ultra-soft and cozy next to the skin. That translates into instant warmth and excellent wicking capabilities. The fabric face offers some wind resistance, but not enough to stave the chill of cold mountain descents.

Hincapie Ghisallo Jersey Review

The obvious companion to the Ghisallo LS Jersey is the Ghisallo Vest, which offers a form-fitting and perfectly-matched wind and weather resistant layer. For rides in the upper 40’s and 50’s, the LS jersey along is fantastic, but once things drop into the 40’s and below, adding the vest is money. And, if there’s any rain in the forecast, the Ghisallo Vest sheds water aplenty to keep your core dry and warm.

Fit of these items is on par with what I’ve come to expect from Hincapie. My 5’11” 170 lb frame fits perfectly in the size medium jersey and vest. The sleeves are a little looser than I’d expect, but the body fit just right. The loose fit allows for the addition of a lightweight base layer when temps drop into the 30’s, like the Castelli Uno Plasma, without turning into a sausage. Adding the vest on top gives a sleek and streamlined fit for reduced wind resistance and weather protection. The 4-way stretch fabric moves well with your body and becomes invisible while in the saddle because it just plain works.

I love the two-way zipper on the vest and wish that all vests employed them. Think about it… you start out with just the jersey and have the pockets stuffed full. When needed, you grab the vest out of your back pocket, but don’t take the time to transfer items from the jersey to the vest. Then, you get hungry and need to reach for that CLIF Bar — no problem. All you need to do is unzip the vest from the bottom and reach back into the jersey pockets. Adding a two-way zipper is simplicity at its finest.

Hincapie Ghisallo LS Jersey and Vest Review - Reflective at Night

The jersey does feature a nice collar that’s both tall and comfortable without being overly snug. When zipped all the way up, the dangly zipper pull does become an annoyance as it clangs against the clip of my Giro Aeon with every pedal stroke. I had to re-adjust my helmet strap or unzip it slightly because it became quite annoying as I pedaled. With the Ghisallo Vest on top, the pull is held in place for a noise-free ride.

I dig the block throwback colors as well as the reflective accents. Overall construction has been outstanding and the cold-weather versatility is hard to beat. I can ride a couple of days in the jersey without things getting too stinky, so that’s also a nice touch. With the Ghisallo Vest on top, breathability did suffer just slightly with perspiration gathering on the lower-back panel.

The Good

  • Brushed fleece lining makes for instant next-to-skin warmth
  • Jersey is cut long for extra coverage
  • Love the 2-way zipper on the vest
  • Weather and wind protection is outstanding with the vest on top
  • Nice collar height and diameter
  • Both items work well together
  • Nice block colors and reflective accents
  • Easily-used, good-sized back pockets

The Bad

  • A little baggy in the sleeves
  • Sleeves could be a tad longer
  • Dangly jersey zipper pull clangs against my helmet strap buckle
  • Jersey did suffer from a couple of small fabric snags

The Bottom Line: Hincapie Ghisallo

Cold weather has met its match with the super-versatile Hincapie Ghisallo LS Jersey and Vest. The combination is the Starsky and Hutch of your winter riding repertoire. Equally at home on the cyclocross course as it is on the pavement, the entire Ghisallo Collection offers top-notch weather protection and comfort.

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