Pulling out all the stops is what Louis Garneau does with their Course line. And, for winter, the Course Elite Bib Tights get the royal treatment with everything anyone could ever want in a winter-weight bib.

Louis Garneau Course Elite Bib Tights Features:

  • Super Lite Dry panels for water/wind protection
  • Heatmaxx fleece maintains warmth
  • Carbon X-Mesh for muscle compression
  • 5Motion chamois
  • 4″ zip fly
  • 7″ ankle zips
  • Price: $299.99

Louis Garneau Course Elite Bib Tights Review

Course Elite Bib Tights Deliver Versatility

When it comes to winter-weight bib tights, sometimes it pays to mix in a variety of fabrics. The Course Elite Bib Tights are a great example of that versatility coming into play throughout the wide spectrum of conditions they’ve been subjected to.

My very first ride wearing these was on a perfectly miserable day. Outside was a steady rain with thick, grey clouds making it feel like it was nearly dusk, even though it was one o’clock in the afternoon. Not only was it raining, but it was a cold, on-the-cusp-of-snowing kind of rain. Nobody in their right mind would ride in this kind of weather, except me.

So, I kitted up with the Course Elite’s and trusted that they¬†would keep me warm and protected. With a constant rain, the weather-resistant panels actually did quite well overall. I stayed fairly dry, but most of all warm, for the most part. I say that with one caveat — the lower leg panel is completely unlined. So, while it remains water resistant, there’s nothing of warmth to keep everything below the knee from turning into an icicle. Not sure how that got missed, but that’s about the only whiff on these bib tights.

Louis Garneau Course Elite Bib Tights Review

While the unlined Super Lite Dry lower leg panels may feel chilly while riding in the mid 30’s or when wet, the knees and thighs are kept warm and toasty with a double dose of fleece-lined goodness and Super Lite Dry. In addition, the backside is also double-protected to keep tire spray from getting the best of your hind end.

One thing is for certain, Louis Garneau knows how to make a proper chamois. The included 5Motion chamois is certainly one of the best on the market for overall comfort and vibration absorption. It makes for a comfortable perch.

Having a short zipper in the bibs makes for easy entry/exit and bathroom breaks. The wide straps of the uppers are also extremely comfortable next-to-skin and keep the tights perfectly in place.

I’ve worn these in a temperature range of about 35 to 50 degrees and that’s about what I’d place their usable range.

The Good

  • Feels like a million bucks
  • Wide straps for extra comfort
  • Softshell panels keep things warm and dry
  • Little zipper means a lot
  • Body-hugging panels

The Bad

  • Unlined lower legs make for cold rides
  • It all comes at a premium price

The Bottom Line: Course Elite Bib Tights

Garneau knows a thing or two about how to make proper bibs, or, in this case, bib tights. The Course Elite Bib Tights feature pro-level features and comfort (with the exception of the unlined lower legs) that can stave off winter’s best.

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