If you are like me, you likely had not heard of Neil Pryde Bikes, and they are fairly new to the biking industry but their parent company, The Pryde Group boasts 40 years of experience in building cutting edge equipment in the windsailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing industries. In regards to their road bikes – they are state of the art, lightweight machines that lean on the companies background and knowledge of composite technology and aerodynamics.

I had the chance to demo the Alize on a few rides and spent some time climbing in the mountains as well as cranking on the flats and I came away very impressed. To sum up the bike in a few words I would say “fast, smooth and efficient.” The bike has a great feel to it and I was given plenty of compliments on the look of the bike.

Neil Pryde didn’t enter the road biking industry to simply built an average bike, they are committed to leveraging their extensive background and expertise to create a serious race bike. As the folks at NeilPryde like to say; “This isn’t just any racing bike. It’s a very fast racing bike”.

The Alize design reflects a balance between graceful engineering and insane speed. Its distinctive body is sculpted from C6.7 unidirectional carbon fiber which is a unique combination of high-modulus materials exclusively developed for their bikes. NeilPryde has some 20 years of experience utilizing carbon fiber in high performance products.

In regards to the frame design they have morphing aerofoil cross-sections to manage airflow along with joints and transitions that are performance solutions. They also have sculpted chain stays for increased stiffness. You put it all together and come away with an amazing race machine. Neilpryde boasts that their intricately designed dropouts, every surface, every contour and every angle of the frame are opportunities to create, control and refine aerodynamic performance. The Extended Kammtail design within the down tube reduces aerodynamic drag without sacrificing power transfer, so every ride is like slicing through the wind.

This bike features a great looking frame with sleek lines and angular contours that give it its own unique look. They have already won a list of impressive design awards on this bike and with their background in sailing, speed is in their blood and a great combo for insanely impressive aerodynamics.

If you are looking for a new, unique, lightweight bike with state of the art engineering that has a unique look, then you should take a gander at the Alize.

More Info: Visit NeilPrydeBikes.com

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