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Should I have my head examined? Well, some people might say yes, but I’m certainly not crazy. You see, at my core, I’m a very practical person. I drive a Subaru Outback (my 6th Subaru, actually), I try to repair things that my kids break and I enjoy maintaining my home (plumbing, framing, electrical, painting, etc.). That practicality rubs off when it comes to bikes — especially drivetrains.

While I drool (who doesn’t) over the latest SRAM Red and XX1 components, I welcome the trickle-down that comes with new model years and the relative affordability it provides. On that note, I’m a huge proponent of SRAM X.0 and I’m now championing the new SRAM Force 22. Yeah, I could talk all about the new SRAM Red 22 and the sweet new hydraulic rim and disc brakes. That’s a no-brainer.

But, I’m choosing to highlight the all-new SRAM Force 22 groupset. I mean, just check it out. With a fighting weight as low as 2140 grams, the carbon-clad Force 22 grouppo will set you back $1358. No, this is not pocket change, but for what you’re getting, I think it will prove itself to be the best bang-for-the-buck road group on the market.

Aside from the obvious stuff, like 11-speeds, the new front derailleur is very stoke-worthy. SRAM’s latest creation is called Yaw and allows the front derailleur to pivot inline with the chain for rub-free performance across the entire spectrum of gears. That means, even Fat Cyclist won’t have a leg to stand on the next time he scoffs at your cross-chain (take that, Fatty!).

2014 SRAM Force 22 Groupset

SRAM Force 22 Highlights

  • SIX BRAND NEW COMPONENTS: Shift/Brake Lever, Rear Derailleur, Front Derailleur, Crankset, Cassette and Chain.
  • 11-SPEED YAW FRONT DERAILLEUR: no trim, rub, or rasp – with chain spotter – and even lighter!
  • PG-1170 CASSETTE: seamless shifting now with a 16T!
  • HYDRAULIC BRAKES: available hydraulic rim and disc brakes
  • TRUE 22: twenty-two usable gears
  • AVAILABLE: August 2013
  • WEIGHT: 2140 grams (BB30, 172.5)
  • PRICE: $1358

Check out the official SRAM launch video for highlights of the new Red and Force 22 components:

More Info: Visit | View Launch PDF

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