I’ve pretty much preferred standard bike shorts over bibs for years. I mean, I like them for the most part, but the whole bathroom thing becomes a little bit challenging when wearing them. But, the Pearl Izumi PRO In-R-Cool bibs are so over-the-top good that I’m willing to make the whole bathroom challenge a non-issue.

Pearl Izumi PRO In-R-Cool Bib Shorts Features:

  • P.R.O. Transfer fabric with In-R-Cool® provides optimal cooling and reflective UV sun protection
  • P.R.O. Transfer with Minerale™ Direct-Vent bib
  • Anatomic multi-panel design
  • Silicone leg gripper with welded construction
  • Anatomic P.R.O. Seamless 4D Chamois®
  • 9″ inseam [size medium]
  • Reflective elements for low-light visibility
  • Colors: Black (tested), Black/White, Black/True Red
  • MSRP: $165

Pearl Izumi PRO In-R-Cool Bib Shorts Review

These days I’m torn between road and mountain biking. Both are calling my name, but it just depends on my mood. Luckily, a few weeks back, I received a pair of the Pearl Izumi PRO bib shorts for review. While Lycra is certainly Kosher for XC racing on the dirt, I pretty much limit my skin-tight stuff to the road. With a few cool morning rides up American Fork Canyon on the PRO bibs, I’m completely sold.

The first thing I noticed about these bibs was the fit. I opted for the Medium size (5’11” – 170 lbs) and they fit perfectly-snug with just the right size chamois for my backside. I’m not feeling like I have a soggy diaper on my butt; instead, I’m feeling like this chamois is perfectly-catered to my anatomy.

Aside from the chamois, the multi-panel design seems to curve and anatomically support the body in just the right way. The wide straps and tall-ish waist (the front comes up higher than my Sugoi and Craft bibs), everything really comes together well for a comfortable fit. The grippy leg openings are phenomenal at keeping things in place, so not to worry about any creepage.

In the saddle, I’ve had no complaints and neither have my nethermost regions. Long climbs in the saddle have been very comfortable and numbness on my Specialized Body Geometry Avatar Comp saddle kept to a minimum. It really does seem like the perfect combo. Additionally, the chamois stays put and never seems to shift–even under long sequences of turns or standing/sitting cycles.

Both wind protection and breathability are to be commended with these bibs too. They seem to retain some warmth yet also breathe well and wick away moisture better than other bike shorts I’ve tested. This is due to the Minerale fabric which also fends off odors like a pro as well, so you can go on a couple of rides between washing (nothing wrong with that, my friends).

Good PRO Bibs

  • Perfect length
  • Grippy leg openings keep things in place
  • The chamois is the perfect size
  • Excellent long-distance comfort
  • Straps are comfortable and chaff-free
  • I like how the front is taller than other bibs
  • Construction supports the muscles well

Bad PRO Bibs

  • Perhaps some grippy material on the back of the bibs to keep your jersey in place

Bottom Line: Pearl Izumi PRO In-R-Cool Bib Shorts

The PRO bibs have quickly taken me from a bib fence-sitter to a full-on bib spokesperson. The PRO’s feature a great anatomical fit in the shorts and the uppers and the chamois is spot on for my anatomy and saddle. Without hesitation, these are highly-recommended.

Buy Now: Available at CompetitiveCyclist.com


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