Wearing a baselayer may not be as popular of a proposition as Pearl Izumi and others would like it to be. Contrary to what you might think, wearing more can feel like less — even in 90+ degree temps. I’ve become a believer in the Pearl Izumi Transfer Lite SL baselayer for both hot and cold weather.

Pearl Izumi Transfer Lite SL Baselayer Features:

  • Pro Transfer Lite fabric
  • Uses Minerale for moisture transfer and odor resistance
  • Tuckable drop tail
  • Anatomic close-to-body fit
  • Colors: Black, Red, White (tested)
  • MSRP: $35


My Experience

When I was first introduced to the Pearl Izumi Transfer Lite SL, it was the middle of the Summer. Though I was told it was great for hot weather, I didn’t beleive it. In fact, it took me about a year of thinking before I really gave the Transfer Lite SL a fair shot. I had an upcoming century race in the high desert heat and I thought to myself, “why not?” So, on went more layers and off went my hesitance.

The Transfer Lite SL fabric is highly-porous material that feels very comfortable next-to-skin.  The fit is spot-on with my 5’11” 175 lb frame fitting into it nicely. I wore the Transfer Lite a handful of times leading up to the Utah Lake Century, but decided to go all-in just for the sake of product testing. So, with temperatures bound for the low-90’s, I embarked on my way.


What I like about the Transfer Lite is how much it improves moisture management. This little wonder really moves moisture and helps keep your core cool. In hot weather, I’ve typically worn this with jerseys from other brands since my Pearl Izumi PRO LTD In-R-Cool features a euro fit and wicks moisture well on its own. You can’t wear this baselayer with a snug-fitting jersey, so I wear it with roomier jerseys. In the Winter, I’ve also worn this base layer to add in warmth.

Long-term Update (9/13/13): I love wearing this base layer under a variety of jerseys. I can’t quite wear it under really tight-fitting race jerseys, but everything else is great. I love the added breathability and the ability to take off the jersey and bib straps without going completely shirtless.

The Good:

  • Amazing moisture management skills
  • Great for blazing hot rides
  • Equally suited for cold weather with the proper mid layers
  • Comfortable next-to-skin
  • Drop tail keeps it in place

The Bad:

  • Might not fit well underneath some jerseys

The Bottom Line

Don’t fear the baselayer! The Transfer Lite SL makes sub-par jerseys shine and extends rider comfort in Africa-hot conditions. I don’t hesitate to grab this when kitting up for long Summertime rides.

Buy Now: Available at CompetitiveCyclist.com


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  1. I am in the same boat as you. Well initially at least.

    I am not a big fan of multiple layers unless it is the winter.

    In the heat thought, I think I would have a hard time believing that wearing more layers would be better than fewer.

    I suppose in this situation it wouldn’t be too bad because what the material is meant to do although I am still unsure.

    I will have to give it a try in the summer.

    Thanks for the review.

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